Bad Service - Consumer Complaint for CTM Head Office

Haniefa marlie
Went to CTM tiles at the promenade Mitchell's plain twice this week.There is no one on the floor you literally have to shout for service but yesterday 29.07.2020 was the worst I must say we went to your store at about 16H30 store was empty one lady at the door one at the cashier we were browsing in your store for about 5 minute we then found what we wanted so we required assistance again no service no one to be seen no one at the at the front desk or even on the floor we literally had to scream for service no one came so i shouted where is the manager a couple of times later a lady appeared.We were 3 or 5 people in your store with the door wide open, do you know how easy it was for me just to take my 2 boxes of tiles and leave the store.If we were crooks we could've left your store with a bunch of stolen goods as we were literally alone in front your store having access to a lot of goods.No security no staff no one.If your store gets robbed don't blame the robbers blame your staff as they are very careless they don't have a care in the world.They clearly don't care about your stock or the clients in the store.Please send all of them for training including the manager as he was also no where to be found.My worst experience ever.
COMPLAINT #4828 - Customer Service Issues
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