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Consumer Complaints ( 31 )

Lee-Anne Winlock
1. The free standing toilet flushing system stopped working
2.The basin cupboard edging has come off and water is causing the wood to bubble and chip off.
3. The double sink both plugs broke in the same week.
My husband and I went to CTM to see you if we could be helped.We were told that CTM does not make these products but only sells it. That confused the he'll out of us. No one at the store can assist us at SOUTHGATE CTM. I am utterly disgusted with the inferior quality of the items purchased. We spent a great deal of money as we renovated our home.I HAVE NO INTENTION PF EVER PURCHASING ANYTHING FROM CTM AND I WILL NEVER HAVE ANYTHING POSITIVE TO SHARE WITH FAMILY FRIENDS COLLEAGUES ABOUT Com's products. I can only load one picture but I have three!!!
COMPLAINT #10740 - Product Issues
I recently bought about 85m2 of tiles from CTM Worcester. My tiler installed about 25m2 and when I went to check on him I had an issue with the skewness of the spaces between the tiles, the corners didn't line up. He then informed me that the fault is with the tiles themselves. The tiles should measure 420x420 but when I measure it only ONE of the four sides of the tile is actually 420mm. The other three sides differ between 417mm to 423mm on one tile. How are you supposed to lay tiles square if the tile isn't even square? That's not the only problem with the tiles, on one of the sides the side is convex in space when it should be a straight edge which makes it more difficult to line up corners. This is really unacceptable. You are selling reject tiles as a-grade tiles. Unethical! What am I supposed to do now with the already installed tiles and adhesive and grout wasted on substandard products!
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COMPLAINT #10459 - Product Issues
I phoned salesperson Maria Mahole yesterday at 10h00, asked forquotation for vinyl flooring. I went to pay an amount of R37063.00 for 100sqrmeters vinyl at ATM in Klerksdorp with reference Njabulo.

Only to be told 13boxes available. The other stock is in Brits. I was told money dont appear and went on to pay another R13000 so tat I can get 13boxes yesterday.

I was promised tat someine will fetch balance of vinyln from Brits. Today am told I must arrange and the manager says, she should have arranged transport and charge me. Please assist I have people working in my house awaiting these things
COMPLAINT #9764 - Sales Issues
rajesh ramsewak
bough items for about 60000 rands including tivolli mixers. apparently this a faulty batch. was replaced promptly. however i incurred costs of 2000 rands even the plumbers did not suspect that mixers were faulty
COMPLAINT #9653 - Other Issues

i came to CTM Pinetown last week looking for a shower door. the sales person showed me a shower door that i liked and told me that it can fit any shower door and she never asked for measurements. when the plumber fit it in, it was the small size and he wrapped it nicely in its box. when i tried to return it, i was told that they cannot take it because it has already been opened and they said there is a sticker that is is in the box that states that once opened , you cannot return it. but my shower did not have that sticker on the packaging. what really upset me was the treatment i received from the Assistant Manager, David, he was very rude and didn't want to listen to me, all he did was to explain the T&C's that were not explained to me when i bought the shower. i was in tears! i always buy at CTM and i never received such treatment from the Management, this David should not work for CTM.

the shower is wrapped nicely, its only the plastic that is missing. all i want is David to apologize to me and CTM to resolve this issue, i want my money back! and i have lost R2900.00
COMPLAINT #9541 - Service Issues
Hester Nel
Baie dankie vir die vorige conplain maarsoek nog krediet vur die cement en crout. Dit is nie my probleem omdat die teels foute op het nie. As dit in die eerste plek reg was het ek nie nodig om due teelz uit te haal en nuwe teekz in te sit nie. So ek wag vir n antwoord op die cement en teels
Hester Nel
COMPLAINT #9445 - Other Issues
René Motlhabane
I just want to voice my complaint and utter disappointment at your staff who recommended a tiler who cannot even do mosaic tiling. Andries Ndala at Witbank and another assistant in the Middelburg branch, both recommended I use a man by the name of George for tiling. When they both mentioned the same person I assumed that this person might actually be good at this job. To my surprise and great displeasure, the person and his team left us with shoddy work, uneven and wobbly mosaic sheets on my wall. It was pretty clear that these people are inexperienced in doing this work as they did not even use the right tools to cut the mosaic tiles. Even though the mosaic only covered a small area, that area has been completely messed up and not as dramatic as it could have been especially with the beautiful tiles that I chose. I have never been so disappointed as I chose very expensive mosaic to have them messed up and looking like work done in an RDP house. I complained to Andries and he did nothing but ignore my complaint.
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Reply by René on 7 December, 2020
When is this matter going to be handled? This is URGENT!!!
COMPLAINT #9299 - Other Issues
Ria Hollamby
On Saturday 14.11.2020 we returned tiles not used for the renovations and my refund would take 7 (SEVEN) working days to be refunded.

Saturday 28.11.2020 i called to enquire about my refund.

The query department apparently doesn't work on Saturdays.

I was told i will get a call today - Monday - no call.

I phoned today at 10h20 and spoke to Bongi who was going to phone the Credit Department and was going to call me - still waiting.

I phoned again at 11h35, now Bongi was busy with a customer, but i was told she send an email to the Credit Department.

Once again my number was taken for whatever as nobody returns calls.

Did I misunderstand the 7 working days for 7 workings weeks or months?

Can it really be so difficult to refund a person?

COMPLAINT #9216 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Hester Nel
Goeie dag ek is mev Nel het 1ste graad teels by CTM Vereeniging gekoop daar is merke en bubbels op elke 2de teels. Sam die bestuurder (weet nie hoe hy daardie pos beklee nie) gekontak nadat ek hom by hoof kantoor aan gegee het .het hy kom kyk. Hy het gese hy sal iemand in die fabriek uit stuur nadat ek weer 2 maal geskakel het het. Johan het uit gekom. (Hy werk nie vir CTM of die fabriek nie) Tot dusver het nog niemand van die fabriek uit gekom nie. Die navraag is al in Oktober gedoen ek gaan die teels nou uit kap en CTM sal krediet gee vir teels cement croud en labour. Kersfees is voor die deur dan wil ek my huis reg he. Vir my word geze ek moez gekyk het. Dit is nie my plig om te kyk nie ek aanvaar dit is 1ste graad en ek het nie n transaksie met die fabriek gedoen nie. Ek het dit by CTM Vereeniging gekoop as Sam n bestuurder is moet hy die transaksie hanteer. Hy kan met die fabriek onderhandel nie ek nie. Ek soek krediet vir die teels cement groud en labour. Gee asb die navraag vir alle Direkteure en share holders
Mev Nel
COMPLAINT #9208 - Product Issues
Laura Banham
How is it possible that a company runs out of grout, this is part of your core business, so now we have tiled but cannot grout. What's even worse is the branch cannot even tell us when the stock will be coming in!!!!
COMPLAINT #9105 - Product Issues
Mohamed Salim Shaik
Good day,

Thank you firstly for the response.

To start I have been liaising with Mr Pule at the South Gate branch for the past 5 weeks.

My complaint is that I purchased a bathroom set which is been faults from day 1 . It was called the cradle stone bathroom set which was at a cost of R23 299.60.
Document no.2114756550
Sales person: Sipho Kota
Manager : Mr Pule
Complained reported Mr Pule
Branch Southgate
The first Toilet Pan was not flushing, the water was overflowing from the tank has the whole was too small, however they changed it. Please note it was my cost to have it again removed and taken back to the store.
The second toilet pan they gave me was uneven and water still flowed if you just sat on the pan. This time however Mr Pule the manager sent out a plumber who reported back to Mr Pule that the set is not in order and it needs to be taken back to the store.
I have contacted Mr Pule, who confirmed that he is waiting for the company to send out their rep to come and see the bathroom set. It’s now 5 – 6 weeks later and I am still waiting. I don’t think Mr Pule has really took this serious , I am a head manager at a financial institution and I would never treat my customer that way. I would probably be fired. I have paid a lot of money for the set, and it has held up all my other preparations in completing my bathroom. I have sent Mr Pule a few WhatsApp messages and its now so frustrating that I am not getting the help.

Please assist urgently and can I please have the CEO number or email so I can email him my frustration.

Mohamed Salim Shaik
COMPLAINT #8929 - Customer Service Issues
Mr Lawrence Abrams 082 410 1725
We looked for someone to assist us for over 10 minutes while staff stood around playing on their mobile phones and talking between each other at the Meadowdale CTM branch.

After looking at the stone wall cladding. We have been told that there is no stock on everything even though it's displayed on the floor.
Lawrence Abrams
COMPLAINT #8683 - Customer Service Issues
Mariëtte van Schalkwyk
Ek het reeds 3 emails aan u diens-afdeling gestuur, maar nog geen reaksie ontvang nie. Die 1ste email is versend op 3 Nov 2020.Dit is totaal onaanvaarbaar!Stel asb dringend ondersoek in.
COMPLAINT #8612 - Customer Service Issues
Priscilla Jacobs


After 7 calls , numerous w.app calls my driver – we could not collect the quoted tiles this morning.

I dealt with Tsakane, who noted that you were in a meeting , that the funds did not appear on your system and that she cannot interrupt you.
I asked her to contact Head office as the trf was done last night, She said that I must phone her again as she might forget and that she was very Busy.

Well, well, well - after 6 hours of painful talk with this terrible person -Still no joy – and now you have left the building!!

• We managed to pay the transaction cash [ card ] however you will now have my money in your account.???
Kindly contact me to arrange a return of funds.

I wanted to log a complaint as to my ordeal of this morning—and what do I see …

Your Staff member Tsakane was bad mouthed and reported previously!!

What a pleasant surprise !!! Well let me tell you --She is a very, very poor client consultant – who old my driver that - I Am being a pest and she does not have to help me as I am not her client !!!

I Copy you with the complaint from another poor client of CTM Montana – Who dealt with your incompent staff member Tsakane.
I hope that she will get a written warning at least – And expect a written Apology from her [ if she is in actual fact able to do so – as I am not surprised at all by the calibre of people we are forced to deal with anymore.
COMPLAINT #8459 - Service Issues
Malcolm Pretorius
I would like to express my dissatisfaction dealing with the CTM Northriding i have never felt so despondent as a customer and frustrated dealing with CTM i bought all my material from the Northriding ctm and spent close to 30k to redo my bathroom i thought this will be a smooth process once i receive all my material on delivery !

1st issue - the wrong moonglow mirror was sent in my order after i asked the sales agent Mohale will you remember my order he said don't worry sir i remember your entire order while i was in the store !
Then the toilet seat had no *****s in the box ! I had to constantly call ctm northriding to help me it was as if no one really wanted to assist me it took more than 4 days to get help with the crews for the toilet seat eventually Mohale called me and said he will send a driver out with the *****s to fastened the toiled i recieved the *****s just to find out the *****s i was sent was *****s to fastened the toilet and not to fasten a seat this was disheartening had to call back asked for Mohale constantly he is busy and refused to take the call until the call was taken by a gentleman called Tsolani who was kind to help me and brought the correct *****s to fastened the seat. The final blow we hung the moon glow mirror just to find out it has a defect the lighting strip on the one side is extremely skew this was a frustrating period for me as a CTM customer and i really planned on doing my 2nd bathroom with ctm but with such poor service not checking stock before sending it out and sending defect products i would rather not attempt going with ctm ever again. Once you pay your money and there is issues its as if u dealing with a brick wall ! There is no Joy dealing with ctm
COMPLAINT #8232 - Customer Service Issues
In hope that matter will be dealt with timeously.
We bought tiles at CTM Montana, and on the day of the purchase, we had a small car and told Tsakane Pretty,the cashier,that we will be sending someone to come and collect the stock. Tsakane never cared to explain correct procedure to be done, she says she "thought we knew" what was to be done. We left the store without stock as explained. Like any other store I've purschase products in, I DO NOT expect my products, fully paid for,to get lost in a huge store as CTM without any trace.
Two messages were sent saying that stock was ready for collection. The bakkie was not ready to go for collection. The last message was sent again on the 23rd of October that stock was ready for collection. Then the person to collect went to CTM Montana, and was welcomed by employees full of attitude. To our surprise, we are told that the tiles and cements were collected,by who, I don't know. The cashier, Tsakane was so rude that she told us that she has indicated that on the system that we have collected. All the manager could say to us was..."he is not interested in our complaint, all he knows was that we have collected our stuff". We asked for the person who works in dispatch so that we re shown who the stuff was handed to as it was definitely not us, what is it that they check against to ensure that correct material is being issued to the correct person, how does the system subtract material that was not even issued out at dispatch? What system is CTM following. Do you rely only on what the system says, or must you not check against the actual stock you have in store, against what has been issued? If the material purchased is not in store...I believe the very same employees must tell us where the stock is. I still have the original receipt, not signed, no stamp or anything showing that it was seen by someone from dispatch atleast.

What angers me the most is, you get into the store, stay 30 minutes because anyone can assist you, and the moment they realise that there is a problem, no one wants to take responsibility and accountability, and the whole store hangs up against you,everyone yells at you without knowing what needs to be addressed, manager has no back-bone.

Please follow up
COMPLAINT #7771 - Customer Service Issues
Gawie Jooste
We recently bought a new bath at CTM's Menlyn branch. We would like to point out three things here:
1) Possible design error of the specific bath of which CTM must take note, in order to consequently also pass it on to its manufacturers. We bought the make and model: ELLE SHOWER BATH, WHITE, DROP-IN, ACRYLIC, LEFT HAND, 1700mm. Purchase amount was R 4699.90
For that price, one would expect a much more durable and firm bath, but we were quite surprised to have to find out, it is only made of a thin plastic type of material, which with the first attempt by the plumber to install it, it cracked. (CTM takes no responsibility and does not replace it). With the installation of the second bath, it was again noticeable that there is always water in the middle of the bath and does not flow out. We then had to install the bath at an oblique angle so that the water could drain out. The drop that did work was about 5 cm. Seems very comical of course to have to install a bath at an angle to work properly.
2) Sale of other inferior products: With the new bath that one buys, you need additional accessories, such as the outflow, trap and the overflow. At CTM you can only buy it in a set and when you start installing it you first realize that everything is made of plastic and with the slightest attempt to tighten it, will strip the plastic screw thread of the overflow. Which means you just have to go and buy better products.
3) Then we also want to complain about the service we received at the relevant branch, or rather ask: “What service”. You will only be helped if you stand in line at the pay point, (Like at a fast food restaurant). If you approach any staff member who seems to be helping on the floor, they evade you by slipping into the nearest store or pretend they'll help you and just to never come back.
COMPLAINT #7643 - Product Issues
Amith Ramtahal
Should you want unprofessional and incompetent service, the CTM Store (Springfield, Durban), is certainly the store you need to attempt to shop at:

1. You will be charged for items you want to purchase, however, 40 minutes on, as you await the dispatch department to get your stock, you will be told, they do NOT have stock of the items!!!

2. Take your query to the store manager, and Oh My God, he’s on such a different level!! Chooses to yell from behind the counter, in the full presence of staff and customers, comes across as a person who has ZERO understanding and training in proper Customer Service, speaks in a rude manner, and blurts out nonsense, which I tried hard to understand, but I find it rather difficult to try and decipher “NONSENSE” as I am not trained to do such!

Friendly Advice to CTM:

A. Please, please place suitable “non-rude” persons in the best suited position for them;
B. Please provide sufficient training and continuous refresher training for your staff, definitely, in customer service;
C. Consider a mystery shopper exercise, you will root out in-competencies in your stores, and customers could have better experiences shopping at CTM.

This pathetic service was received on 17 October 2020.
COMPLAINT #7604 - Customer Service Issues
Lorraine Zwane
Hi my name is Lorraine Zwane.im from Johannesburg . I have a suggestion to make. I’m wanna buildind my mom a 4 room house since we are sharing a one Room RDP. So I’ve been saving money from cash build they got a card where you can same money as much as you like until you are ready to collect the material you wanna use.as I like to do so @ CTM to my suprise you don’t have that kind of a card I don’t want to open the account because I’m a single mother of 2 kids I don’t want debts.as I like CTM things I’m so disappointed ☹️ you don’t do that as you all know it’s not easy to stay with @ home . That was my suggestion please consider it .my cell phone number is +27768962341
Kindly Regards
Lorraine Zwane
COMPLAINT #7229 - Other Issues
Claudete Koch
CTM Edenvale delivered 36 boxes of tiles to my residence on 30 Septmeber 2020 it was stacked on to of each other after i asked the delivery guys is the tiles suppose to be stacked on top of each other which they said yes. Before i paid the invoice Bongi sales person ensured me that the delivery guys will be able to pack the boxes in my house as i had no space in the garage. When the guys arrived that put a fuss up until my husband said take the stock back i want a refund then all of a sudden they could then pack the tiles in my house - anything for a sale and the hell with the customer services.

When my husband checked the tiles we found broken tiles in between and i called Edenvale CTM and left a message for the manager to call me and to no surprise i am still waiting for the manager to contact me. Due to the manner in which CTM stacked the boxes i have broken tiles and want to be compensated for the broken tiles. i have more photos however the page only allows me to upload one photo
COMPLAINT #6885 - Delivery Issues