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hyson pillay
Good day Planet Fitness

I am currently a Virgin Active member but have had the pleasure of enjoying your facilities at the Westville Megaclub branch (Westwood Mall) through my cousin who has a blacktag membership. He has been trying to recruit myself and my wife to transfer from Virgin Active to Planet Fitness. I have copied a post of my review on this gym just two weeks ago, but now have concerns and a change of heart following my experience yesterday (14 September 2020).

Yesterday afternoon at 4:10pm upon entry, I walked onto the gym floor and I took a seat at the vacant calf machine. As I began to start my workout, an unknown member stared at me intimidatingly and said 'are you snaying me' as he continued to walk a few meters away, He repeated the question in a more aggressive tone. He then walked right up to me as I continued to exercise and began to shout and use vulgar and offensive language at me in the presence of the entire gym patrons and staff. I was unaware of what was going on and was taken aback as this member continually told me to come outside to fight.
At the time there was Planet Fitness staff member, Preshen(GM) on the floor who was watching this transpire. I kept telling the member please leave me alone and walk away as I do not know you. There after other member training at the time went to Inform the Planet Fitness staff of the altercation occurring. As the aggressive member continued to threaten me, I then approached another Planet Fitness staff member (Shane) to report the incident of abuse and intimidation by this member, at that time he wasn't surprised and said that very same guy moments ago had an altercation with a fellow elderly staff member, swearing and using vulgar language at him in the presence of the entire gym, at the time Preshen(GM) was on the floor so I told shane that the manager can witness what has occurred.
To my disbelief the aggressive member had approached me again whilst I explained the incident to Preshen and Shane (Planet Fitness Staff) and continued to harass me, right in front of staff. This member continued to use fowl and derogatory words and insisted that I left the gym to fight with him. What surprised me the most was when he made a comment to Preshen(GM) 'I bet you R100 000 that I will knock you out) there after tapping Preshen(GM) on his stomach as if this was a joke. I was belittled as this guy continued to shout and swear in front of other members and staff.
My cousin (Rivash) who is the member told the guy that we have no issue so why are you troubling us, he then threatened him as well saying that he must also come outside because he will fight him next.
I later found out from staff that this member apparently does mixed martial arts, so he is an MMA Fighter and clearly feels that he can do as he pleases at your establishment. It is disgusting that this was just allowed even after Gavin (staff) spoke to him, asking him to stop. The guy just shouted 'OK Gavin OK Gavin' in a sarcastic manner and thereafter showed rude signs (middle fingers) from behind the staff. He continued to walk by and harass me such that staff members could not hear. Why wasn't this member stopped immediately, why was I continuously allowed to be harassed, threatened and victimized by a bully at your establishment. Multiple unknown members who witnessed the incident mentioned to me he's always loud and extremely aggressive because no one can stop him there. Please utilize your cctv footage to see clearly I am only stating facts of what has transpired, this was such a horrible and embarrassing experience, I don't wish a single other member to has to endure.

Under your rules it clearly states the following:
10) Behaviour in our Clubs:

You may not use foul, loud, or abusive
• You may not physically/sexually/verbally
abuse or harass other members, guests,
visitors, tenants or members of staff.
• You may not commit any acts which may
cause distaste, revulsion or hostility to
other members, guests, visitors, tenants or
members of staff.

This member went against all the behavior rules and acts without any consequence. He was left to do and say what he wanted in front of your staff including your club GM (Preshen) , Sales consultant (Shane) and all the other club members.
Is this behavior and the caliber of members that Planet Fitness allows to patronise the club?
Enlight of the above we had to wait for that member to leave the gym before we could exit as he continuously threatened 'come outside to fight'
Furthermore planet fitness will be held accountable if this member continues to harass me or my cousin (Rivash) or if this matter escalates and becomes violent and any harm is caused. We will have no choice but to seek legal counsel.
I trust the above is in order and await a favorable response.

Mr Hyson Pillay
071 082 8123
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