Upgrade - Consumer Complaint for Vodacom - Head Office

Isak van Zyl
On the 12 February 2019 I call the upgrade department and chat with a gentlemen Mr Kashrut, where I explained to him that we have
A serious problem with the Vodacom network in Nigel, and that I want to cancelled my data contract and go over to Telkom, because Telkom have
A special on for 20 GB of data day time, and 10 GB of data night time and a Huawei router per month for R 199.00, I explained briefly about the problem and bad coverage in our area, where he convinced me to stay with Vodacom and help me with the same package and a Huawei router, but the data will be 20 GB day time and 20 GB night time, where he log a request to the back office to get information from the network
department that there is a problem in our area, to migrate my account, because I still have 5 months left to upgrade my contract.

On the 20 Feb 2019 I called in again where I received this ref number 1-3429205118440, and the call center say they still busy with the process.
On the 11 March 2019, I called again because it was already over the cut-off time so solve the problem, and speak to the network department
Mr Judo where he admitted that there is a problem and that Vodacom is working on the coverage in our area in Nigel, where he wright a report and put it on the account so the solution expert can process the request, where I received this ref number 1-34302365313981.

On the 13 March 2019 I call the customer center, and insist to speak to a team leader, where I talk to Mr Khia and he explained to me that he will look in on the request, and waiting on the recording to listen what was processes to me, where I received this ref number 1-34303342754301.

And up to now I still waiting on any feedback at all, i would love to stay at Vodacom, as per verbal promises, I still waiting, and nothing is happened.

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