Bad Manners - Consumer Complaint for Clicks Store - Head Office

Joy Nkuna
I am writing to you with a heavy heart with the terrible customer service I just experienced at Clicks Mall of the South. I had recently purchased a grooming device at Clicks Mfula; however when I arrived home with an eager to use the device to my disappointment the device didn't not work. I tested the device with two separate different brands of batteries which normally work on other devices at home, the grooming device still failed to work. This then brought me to the conclusion that the device clearly does not work. I was traveling on the day of purchase hence why I could not return the particular device at the store originally bought at. On Thursday evening I returned the device to Clicks Mall of the South for an exchange. Susan Khanyile asked one of the store assistants to test the device, but the device was working in stores with their own batteries. I saw a much better product for the same price and told Susan that this device was tested with several battery brands and the batteries work on other devices but not the particular device. I had just went to see something in store; and as they were testing I heared Susan yelling "Baphi la ba ntwana" simply translated where are these kids as I was with my partner. This was an insult to me because how to you address a customer as a kid, as I am a grown adult. I told Susan and the store assistant that I understand the device is working here however I am not satisfied with the product and I see a much better product than the one I initially bought for the same price, as a result I would like an exchange on the product. Susan proceeded to call Lucky who supposedly happens to be the store manager. We were not greeted by the store manager upon his arrival or to even understand our grievances at first. I then told Lucky that the device did not work for me at home, it is unused and still in its original packaging, I would just like an exchange as I see a better product for the same price. Lucky went on to say how can I exchange a product if the initial product is not damaged, I told him that it doesn't work for me, I have inserted the batteries properly at home and the device did not work; I would just like to have an exchange. Lucky said to me that they can't exchange a device that is not faulty to me and further went on to ask me how many voltages do my devices at require and further went on to state that he is asking me a common sense question which insinuated that I do not have common sense. I told him that the devices are 1.5 volts, same voltage as the problematic device. They made me read the slip about their exchange policy but my slip had no where stated about electrical devices but simply refund policy that I should bring the the package with the original slip, the item should not have been unused and it's in its original packaging. Lucky then asked me why would I exchange the device only to find the other device being problematic, I told him that this is not about just the exchange but merely my preference and also with the terrible experience of the device I received when I arrived at home. I was not able to use the device for my intended use so why should I take something back home that I am not entirely satisfied with, because the clicks policy also states that if I am not impressed with my product I should return it with 60 calender days, it was returned within 5 days. Furthermore, the new product I now wanted also used different battery sizes which are even easier to find, hence why I wanted the other product amongst other reasons. Even if I may have been misread the policy exchange rules which I read in front of them and didn't mention the nonsense they were telling me, they could have respectfully explained their policy to me and advice me what the solution going forward would be, but this was not the case, but I ended up being insulted. I honestly felt insulted, disrespected, dishonored and disgraced at the experience I had encountered more especially at people who are supposed to prioritize customer satisfaction. I don't think I will set foot at the clicks there but would rather opt for dischem to the point that I would drive from Aspen Hills to Southgate just for dischem. Not only was Lucky and Susan speaking in a demeaning manner to me and my partner, more especially during the difficult times South Africa is facing towards women abuse; when Lucky insinuated that we do not have common sense, that to me was an insult not to me only but to my partner as well. How could we be treated at such a degrading manner. I suggest Clicks to better train their employees on how to treat the customers because the employees are the first people as customers we encounter that represent the Clicks brand.
COMPLAINT #2088 - Customer Service Issues
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