Promo marketing - Consumer Complaint for Puregold - Head Office

Joys Ann M.Atilano
April 30.Around 2:30 we arrived at Puregold branch MANILA EAST ROAD PAG-ASA BINANGONAN RIZAL
To shop then me and my mother saw a marketing in the front of items written BUY 1 CASE AND GET 10% OFF we ask for 2 case of different items which has marketing of the same promotion and ask the merchandiser if that items is really 10% off then he replied and he added that it will be automatically less in the cashier. But when we reach in the cashier we ask the cashier if the price is less already for the 10%off then she replied that the promo will be tomorrow she call the duty supervisor to ask then she said that the promotion will start tomorrow i got mad because we already ask the merchandiser if that items is on promo then the supervisor insisted that it will be the promotion for tomorrow so i get the marketing on the said items and show it to them that there is no specific date written on the marketing and they should tell to the customer direct if the promo is not for today and its for tomorrow the supervisor who attended us did not do anything sort out the problem and she told us that the promo is only for the gold member i got pissed because we show to the merchandiser the aling puring card and he did not tell us that its only for gold member only. It was a horrible experience in that branch the staff near the cashier is whispering and laughing at us and i feel offended..As one of the biggest and well known groceries store you should let the staff to be trained regarding on the promo and how to have a good customer service as well as the management team if your company really want a loyal customer. I use to shop at many branch of puregold but this Branch really have a BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE.
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