Ticket system at Clicks West Coast mall - Consumer Complaint for Clicks Store - Head Office

Kallie (JJA) Niemand
Good day. I visited Clicks West Coast Mall on 1 December 2020 to collect prescription medicine. Because I frequent the store I was familiar with the ticket system. There was a lady in front of me in the queue who was not familiar with the process. She only enquired about the tickets when she saw me take one. I assisted her, but unfortunately she got the next number (after mine). She also came in for over the counter medicine while my ticket was for chronic medicine. Because she was already waiting when I entered the store, I offered her to remain in front me. To my disappointment, the pharmacist did not allow this. I raised my concern about how it is human to serve customers in the order they arrive. I was told that the ticket system does not allow fro tickets to be handled out of sequence. I cannot believe this. I am of the opinion that although the system make the process more streamlined, it has to cater for people who is not familiar and/or who is illiterate.
Please consider the vulnerable in our communities and please review this inhumane process.
COMPLAINT #9321 - Service Issues
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