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Karen Collison
Good day

See my concern below, since I have sent the complaint through this morning, now i'm getting sms' to advise the tickets I have logged are being resolved, even though I requested a manager to call me, they are still closing the calls.

I have contacted Vodacom to downgrade my package as I have NOT been using my minutes, Data and sms', I have had a work phone for the last year now and needed to downgrade as I was NOT using the Vodacom contract and was losing money. I was downgraded with the assistance of the very nice lady, however I found out now, my original contract was due to be renewed end Dec 2019 now that the downgrade was done I have been pushed back 2 years again until upgrade time. Also I have noticed ALL my data, Minutes and sms' have fallen away due to the downgrade. I was NOT informed on the fact that my upgrade time was moving out 2 years and I was NOT informed of losing my Date, minutes and sms'. I have logged several calls with Vodacom and each time I get an sms to say the issue has been resolved without anyone speaking to me.. I even logged a ticket to advise I wanted a manager to call me as this is unacceptable and I requested the TICKET NOT be CLOSED, yet once again I received a message that the ticket was resolved. When I call 082 111 I don't get through tot he correct persons or the phone cuts out, this is UNACCPTABLE. I am about to take this further if Vodacom does not FIX this issue. this is POOR customer service!! If you are NOT able to get hold of me on my cell as I am in and out of meetings then please email me so that I can respond via email and please SEND ME A CONTACT NUMBER THAT WORKS.

i also received a message to say the loss of data, mins and sms' has been correct but its NOT been

See my reference numbers:

082 449 7240
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