TOTALLY BROKEN BNEW WATCH - Consumer Complaint for J&T Express Philippines

Kristal rose Ladrido
My item was dispatched last June 16, 2020 to Sapang Palay, Bulacan. But 2-3wks past, the reciever haven't received the item nor did contacted by JNT.. and tagged my parcel as "return to sender". Upon receiving the item here in Tabuk branch, they immediately return again my parcel to Bulacan. Upon delivery to the reciever, the reciever opened the item and it was totally damaged, drenched in water, and when they tried to charge it, it is already grounded. The box of the watch was totally wreck because of the water.. it has a fragile sticker in the parcel, how come that the box and the item got broken.. i have already filed claims but its already been 4months and keep on contacting the branch but no response have been made.. can you please give priority to this.. i also emailed custo*** but still no response up to date.. attached here is the photos sent by the reciever when they got the parcel..
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