His coworker said that he is a supervisor. Supervisor my foot. - Consumer Complaint for MINISTOP Philippines

Kyle Gaudario
Hi. There's this retard taunting my girlfriend to start an argument yesterday. It started with the issue of Mang Tomas siga. We ordered a lot from this branch (MINISTOP IN FRONT OF WOODESTATE) since we live here. That day, my girlfriend went alone to buy her dinner, and normally, we were provided with options, gravy or mang tomas, if you choose gravy then it's free, if you choose mang tomas it's also free but the gravy would not be available. Them this retard was at the cashier, he tended to my girlfriend without even asking the normal question, gravy or mang tomas, my girlfriend then said "kuya mang tomas po yan" the retard seemed agitated, said "dagdag na lang po ng 6" my girlfriend wondered and asked "lagi kami bmibili dto pero parang ngayon lang naman kami siningil ng gnyan" then he retorted in a voice that was heard by everyone inside "sino ho dito nagbenta sa inyo ng ganon? Sino?" in the end she paid, what's 6 pesos if she can eat immediately. Then couple of days passed, which is yesterday, my girlfriend returned to buy rice. This fucktard is in the cashier once again. While punching the order, he asked "buti ndi kayo bbili ng chicken ngaun" what the fuck. You're obviously looking for something you shit. I want this handled seriously. I work on the same business with customer service and rudeness is something I know that is zero percent tolerated. Leave your problems at home!
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