ga-rankuwa complex pep give customers wrong information and unnecessarily pressure - Consumer Complaint for PEP STORES

matlhogonolo angel mhlanga
Today i experienced a very bad services and i felt like am being taken for a fool..As a regular layby customer at pep.Today i went at pep ga-rankuwa complex to do my labye, when i was at the till after Leah the cashier scanned my items which total amount was R1089.00 she told me that the system wants R500 deposit because its over R1000.00 as surprised i asked her since when does pep wants 50%deposit cause as a regular customer i know that usually we would pay 10% or 15% depending on the total. I told her that i only have R150.00 she said we should remove some of the items and take a few which will be enough for the R150.00 that am having.I told her that she should cancel my laybye because i need all those items if i cant laybye all of them then we should cancel. Then she called the manager" a short light in complexion lady" what pissed me off the most was.When the "manager" arrived Leah told her that the system wants R500.00 and she only has R150.00.Then the manager said yes it is true the system wants R500.00 but atleast pay R170.00 but make sure you come and collect your laybye before month end December if not we will take it back on floor cause the system automatically will cancel the laybye. I became surprised evn more how come laybyes for pep last for a month now..The manager and Leah said its terms and conditions.Then i paid the R170.00 but on my way home i realized that i was unfairly treated there is no way i laybye can want 50% upfront and that we can only laybye for a month..As a loyal pep customer i feel that rule they decided on it as a team/store..How many customers fails to make laybyes cause of the 50% thats many customers are being robbed off in the name of we only allowed to laybye for a month..what am going to do is am going to cancel my laybye and stop shopping at pep cause pep now wants 50% deposit ,if thats not the case then it means pep managers and cashier are not to be trusted cause they give us false information and makes us to panic for nothing. am very terrified and disappointed by the service i received at ga-rankuwa complex for people to undermine me like that?what about the elders who doesn't know the right platform or Chanel's to complain at..i will go and cancel my laybye and i wil stop going to that store.will als right my review cause the service i received was uncalled for. i hope the staff at ga-rankuwa complex will be delt with.

my details are

Matlhogonolo Mhlanga
076 493 8024

I hope this matter will be resolved
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