Misrepresented my contract, and lied. The manager even admitted that their policy was to fraud!!!! - Consumer Complaint for Bab Al Madina Car Rental

sebastian courage
I had a car accident so needed to hire a car for 2 weeks. I found Bab Al Madina car rental they gave me a good rate at 489 per week, which is ok. I asked to hire it for 2 weeks and deliver the car. The boy delivered the car, and only charged me for a week. He said if my car is fixed then ok, if not I can renew the contract at the same rate. I went to renew, and the price had doubled. The manager told me that this was their policy. The sucked people in and then increased. I am amazed. I have spoken to the DED, and have seen many people in the waiting room complaining too. DO NOT HIRE OFF THESE PEOPLE
COMPLAINT #414 - Contract Issues
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