Assaulted by a security guard at PEP Maponya Mall - Consumer Complaint for PEP STORES

On the21st of March 20 my wife and i walked into the PEP Store in Maponya mall pushing a Pick and Pay trolley with groceries in it and there was a guy at the door who wore black jeans a blues shirt and a tie without a name tag who said i should leave the trolley with him i asked why he said he was the guard and i said to him these are veggies and juice which are not sold in this store he can search the trolley on my departure if he suspects an foul play since its food and he didnt haveg loves on nor a facial mask let alone a sanitiser for customers and he followed me into the store and stopped in front of me and said i cannot get into the store with the trolley i then asked where is your stores notification about this instruction and he said he is not going to have to explain himself to me and hepulled my trolley back and i then said to him if thi s was his trolley he can do that but it mine and he cannot take it away from me he should let go of the trolley or and let me leave his store and go somewhere else he turned back a d said im insisting on getting into thestore with this trolley because i want to steal and he couldnt careless about what i did and i pulled the trolley and and continued to tell me that he is doing his job and he was pretty loud to a point that my wife asked that we leave the store as this guy was causing a scene and couldnt careless about our well being as customers to a point that store personell asked him not to shout at me like that and runn to the back of the store and came back with a steel object i then pulled a juice from the trollet and i said to him he must come and assault me i then poured him with the juice in retaliation and he then grabbed me by my tshirt and pulled on me with it to a point that it tore on the neck. Please review your video footage to ascertain my story. I called your call centre no 080 737 000 and the reference no i was given is 6281 i was assured that the area manager Tumelo will call me and 24hours later he still has not called i strongly feel violated by your store personnel a lady by the name (Bobo) witnessed the entire event i am a civillian and a well respected member of the community i live in i am a husband a father and a senior manager at my place of work and for me to be manhandled and told told that i am a thug is seriously degrading and a serious insult to the two degrees i have and for this to happen to me infront of my wife and other customers in your establishment is worrying we as a country have a pendemic that we are dealing with and we need to protect ourselves and our posessions and the treatment i received at your store says to me your store personell are either ignorant or they are not made aware of the dangers associatted with this COVID 19 pendemic and to assault clent clients and degrade insinuating that they are thives i am seriously considering laying assault charges against the gentleman (Siyabonga) before 48hours is over and seek legal.advice on this traumatic experience i experienced at your store. My contact no is 079 644 1728 if i do not get anything concrete from your company by 12pm on Monday the 23rd of March im going tonlay a charge of assault against your security guard and will forward this to my lawyer for legal advice i am seriouly not taking this lightly and wouls ask that you do the same and respond to me

Disappointed ex customer of PEPkor

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