Pathetic service and reckless staff members - Consumer Complaint for Aramex Bahrain

Nepal Badr
My shipment no. 1795610795 had reached Muharraq station on May 31 as per the tracker and Amazon email update. The expected delivery was June 3 before Eid. Unfortunately, I was notified that it will be delivered on June 8. The delivery man came to my house ran the bell and my house maid was inside but could not hear the ringing. He decided to leave without bothering himself calling. When I received an email from amazon (nothing from Aramex) stated that it was attempted to deliver, I called Muharraq station to find out. Mr. Surish, bluntly, said without explaining why they did not contact the customer since they do have the contact number, he said it will be delivered tomorrow. The call is recorded, I hope the quality assurance should listen to it. It could have saved the company time, money, effort and above all customer discontent if the delivery man would care more and contact the customer.
Very disappointed with Aramex service, If I would compare it to DHL, it is like comparing black and white!
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