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Nonkosi Poto
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From: Nonkosi Poto
Date: Fri, Aug 28, 2020, 2:27 PM
Subject: CUSTOMER NUMBER 104668190
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Good day

I’m disgusted by the service I have received thus far from Bradlows, the Promenade store manager Wageeda Ebrahim and the Warehouse Manager Levona.

I purchased the Europe lounge suite from Bradlows , I noted damaged and defects and informed the store. I personally went to the store in Promenade and was assisted by store manager Wageeda Ebrahim. She logged a complaint for the suite to be picked up and sent for repairs, this took longer than the promised time frames.

The suite was picked up on the 25/07/2020 .( see attached Repair Pick up docs). Initial defects was :

2 seater – was sagging and not fully stuffed.

2 seater – has a gash/ chipped in the wooden frame. (This damage occurred when the delivery was made, the contracted delivery people hit the couch against the door- I’m in possession of a video of the this, showing the guys forcing the couch through the door. I have shown this video to store manager Wageeda Ebrahim.)

1 seater- Had a broken spring inside the couch and made a squeaky noise when one seats or gets up)

I then loaded the whole lounge suite on the truck on the 25/07/2020.

The repair process was longer again then the mentioned turnaround times and I had to constantly call the Wageeda Ebrahim.

The Europe lounge suite was then returned back from repairs on the 15/08/2020 and upon opening up the couches I noted that the damages were worse than before. The couches were opened up during repairs and then stapled as a means of closing them up this damaged the fabric, staples were sticking out and this dangerous as our fingers got damaged while removing the couches from the plastics.

White threads and sponges were exposed and the couches wooden frame was damaged.

I immediately called Wageeda Ebrahim and informed her of the damages and that I refuse to accept the couches. I then called the repair warehouse and spoke to Levona S and advised her of the damages. She was in agreement that the damages are unacceptable and that the couches must be loaded back on the truck and returned to the warehouse. Lenova explained that guy who did the repairs was unable and that she would escalate the matter to her manager. I then emailed Levona with full description of damages and pictures as per our agreement in our telephone conversation( pls see attached emails).

I called Wageeda Ebrahim to inform her of my conversation and agreement with Levona, she also advised that I return the couches and between herself and Levona she would sort this asap.

I have been sending messages to Wageeda Ebrahim to find out where are my couches but she keeps saying that warehouse has no answers for her and she doesn’t know what else to do. (Please see attached whatsapp chats )

I made it clear to Levona and Wageeda Ebrahim that I refuse to take couches again and wants new ones or a different lounge suite as Wegeeda had indicated that they are out of stock. I have had to pay for couches end of July that were not in my possession, and I’m expected to continue with installments for something that I don’t have and I’m being told that Bradlows has no answers for me.

I request this matter be handled urgently and in my favour. I’m very disappointed at Bradlows and the service I have receieved thus far.


Nonkosi Poto

Quality Assurance Consultant

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