Poor service, poor management and racism. - Consumer Complaint for PLANET FITNESS - HEAD OFFICE

Reagan Edwards
In 2014 I cancelled my contract within 5 days(Due to relocated to another province). The contract were supposed to be cancelled as per your terms and conditions at Planet fitness Lynnwood.I joined planet fitness again on 31/08/2020.I paid my registration fee,tag and I gym for 3 weeks. However Planet fitness Lynnwood embarrassed me infront of all the members that was gymming at the time.I was embarrassed,humiliated and degraded.The supervisor chased me out of his office like dog. When i told him im South African citizen and I have rights he accused me of Xenophobia.He embarrassed me infront of all the members and said I can't get access and I won't access planet fitness Lynnwood ever again.The fact that there is still 1st contract that shows that there is an amount outstanding -Its not my fault.I cancelled the 1st contract within 5 days I called Lynnwood planet fitness and I physically went there and cancelled - Planet fitness Lynnwood were supposed to cancelled contract on the 4th day when I called them and on 5th day when I was there at Planet fitness Lynnwood. Suddenly they are know able to cancel my 2nd(August 2020) contract after 3 weeks of gymming - I do not want to cancel my 31 August 2020 contract -i want to gym. You are not customer friendly.You do not want new business. You chase customers away. This is very bad for business.
Planet fitness Lynnwood is also very racist they have a underline of racism and racial profiling.
COMPLAINT #6389 - Customer Service Issues
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