hustlesed in to sale of goods by sales staff in store with no sales agreement, private . - Consumer Complaint for CASH CONVERTERS - HEAD OFFICE

Robert john boreham
to whom it may concern i robert wanted to pawn my two watches in by cash converters somerset west branch yesterday 1 dec 2020 . a fossil blue and a taguar grand ferra i called the branch before hand send in a pic of the fossil blue watch . the sales staff agreed to a R500 buy back on the whatts app sales line . i drove to the store upon arrivall the sales staff then declined to take my watch in for security of the loan agreement. and declined a pawn sale for my other watch i had with me a taguar grand ferra watch . only for the sales man to offer me 300 for the tag of the books for the sales staff could see i was desperate. for i wanted to pawm the goods so i could retreev the items at a later stage . so i was put on the spot and forced to sell the tag watch to the salesman for his personnal gain , 20 minutes later to find out the sales man walked to the shop close buy the branch in question only to sell the tag watch to other pawn shop for R1200 , so the sales man made him self 900 in a matter of seconds . i called fawas the manger of the store . he was aware i was unable to afford the watch back i asked for a further 300 for the watch but fawas refused and appently the watch can be collected for the 300 , which i am unable to afford . had the store pawned the watch like agreed over the phone for 500 i needed to extent a current buyback on my tools , the sales man did something illegal not taking security of the goods and purchasing the goods for his own personnal gain. for a low low price , for i called the store before hand cause i needed the cash i would of recived from cash converters an amount of 500 and refused to buy in once arrived for being despert the sales man used that to his advantage to hustle me in the a forced sale the the goods inside the buy shop but not on the shops books . i want my goods back please and i dont feel like i should pay the 300 the sales man took out of his own pocket to pay for the goods . i came to cash converters for a service of a pawn agreement but was hustled to the sale og the goods for a low low price only for the sales man to sell it on minutes later to the pawn shop across the road for 1200 four times what he offerd me i think this is a disgrace for cash converters staff to take advantage of custermers and bacically steel from me . can you assist me in getting my good sback or some more money for the goods to make the deal fair . i can only imagine how often the happens to other people , for saleman lineing there own pockets for personal gain . they are supposed to be making money for the branch to earn there salary not steel for people i think this a madjor problem and even thinking of putting in a complaint to the newspapers , but will wait for assist ince from the complaints department first. thank you robert john boreham 0797272033 somerset west branch cape town manger fawas
Reply by Malcome arendse on 2 January, 2021
They like to do that or gave u much less than what it cost so that they can buy it and they know who exspsive your item is than they tel u they are overstock and they got they client who come bad stuff and get very good money mangers is part of the skill
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