Staff member unprofessional - Consumer Complaint for PEP STORES

stood in the que for more 20min with 1 till operator.1staff member was busy marking merchandise at till point.not once making eye contact with any of the shoppers. Having a fat chat with her colleague. I asked if only 1 till is in serves and without looking up she till is than the que has grown to about 10 customers.i think the mannanger heard me and came out from her room when she heard me and called Lisanda. The young lady called next No greeting just Ring up my items and rolling each item and stuff it in a bag.before I made the payment I asked her to fold my clothing nicely and than bag it.what a arrogant young lady.i will never ever put my foot in this particular store in uitenhage. No respect and no manners. This shop definitely need new management.This is not the first time I had a bad experience in this store.
COMPLAINT #6356 - Service Issues
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