Condencending Staff that thumbsucked an issue and wanted to bill me R5969 - Consumer Complaint for Vodacom - Head Office

Sasha Griebelaar
I went into Vodacom repairs to try and get assistance as my daughters Huawei mobile no longer had google and access to play store etc and we were unable to get it reloaded. On arrival the technical team advised that they could not assist us as the screen was cracked which was a shock to me as in the right hand corner of the phone it appeared to have a scratch. At this stage they were still not interested in the initial issue but continued to aggravate the situation about a cracked screen. I requested to speak to a Manager who brought out the technical guy who spoke to us as if we were dumber than dumb and he advised that if he was to assist without first fixing the screen I will have to provide an indemnity that I accept full responsibility and waive any warranty for repairs. He proceeded to say that he can guarantee that it was the motherboard and ac’s That was Damaged, this without even doing and assessment. I asked for a quote to replace the motherboard and to my shock this quote would cost me R57.50??? Anyway I had to agree to indemnify them and pay the quote.... well the cost to my further shock was for R5961.39????? This excluded the screen replacement cost... OH MY WORD.... I just left the store in utter disgust and disappointment.

I went to the Huawei store and advised the assistant, Chris of the very same issue we were having with the device as we did with Vodacom, he listened, asked a few questions and my word he was able to wipe the phone and google and all apps are now working. How incredible it was to have someone like Chris who was just willing to listen and not be condescending toward us and he did not even need technical support to fix the device. This was also a free service it cost me ZERO,

So the long and short is that I am completely disgusted at the very poor service not to mention the financial cost if I agreed to it for a service Chris at the Huawei store sorted out in 10 minutes for free.

I currently have 5 contracts with Vodacom and I can most certainly assure you that I will DEFINITELY NOT be renewing these as I will cancel as they become due. VODACOM has lost a loyal client of 15 years. Shame on you Vodacom Canal Walk.
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