Physical Damage - Consumer Complaint for Bradlows - Head Office

Saziswa Tasana
On the 30/11/2020 I went to Fetch Couches at Stikland Warehouse in Cape Town. The guys who were assisting at the Warehouse Loaded in our Truck and we left upon arriving at Home when we unwrapped the Couches we noticed that the One sitter Truck had a Physical damage, cut on one side and something that looked like the Couch had been rats. I raise a complaint with the Manager from the Warehouse who confirmed if the Couches were wrapped that means the problem was with the Supplier. He was supposed to get back to me, but I haven't heard anything. I bought these Couches as a gift to my Parents. It pains me to see that Bradlows does not want to take Responsibility, because I Collected the Couches myself. Your delivery fees are expensive, hence I used my own Transport, surely I can't be Punished because of that.

My order number is: 5189386
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