Good Day..
On the 9 March ,my wife and I went to the Midlands Branch Liberty mall, upon entering i tried to tag into the gym but did not beep as it usually does.. we noted that the disable glass access door was opened and proceeded to enter through it when a white gentleman rudely and loudly shouted,at us to tag..
I explained that i tried and it did not beep, but also trying again whilst replying to him.
Firstly he did NOT show any courtesy or "customer care" or portray ANY of the customer care values Planet Fitness avertises or claim to have.
the gentleman maintained his loud condersending tone and repeated to ask me to tag..as he approached me,still not giving me a chance to explain my business/ reason for my visit.. it was only then that i saw his name badge; JACO.
addressing him by name.. I explained to him:
1: A simple Hi,Good Day.. Sorry sir.. would be more appropriate.
2: even though i possess a tag.. i am not here to gym.. I am part of the Emergency Medical Team that was called to the gym.. even though I am dressed in casual attire.

i am not sure how or what training Jaco has on customer care/ courtesy, if any.. should be retrained in the latest concepts of customer satifaction or Batho Pele principles.
In the industry i belong.. such acts would warrant FINAL warnings or IMMEDIATE dismissal for bring the company into Disrepute.
I am hoping my complaint would be viewed in as Serious light and relevant measures followed to action your staff.
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