Stole Bag at Dispatch | case no 102/12/2019 @ CTM Westgate - Consumer Complaint for CTM Head Office

Siphiwe Nhlapo
The subject line refers. On 7 December 2019 at about 16h57, my husband and I came into CTM. This was the 2nd time that he had been at your premises on the said day. We bought supplies worth +-R18000 and on the said day after he fetched me from work, we rushed to collect the tiles and other stuff and it was 16h58 we were in time before they closed. We parked not far from the dispatch parking and rushed in to collect. They then asked him to bring the car in reverse closer to the gate to load.
After the items were placed in the car that had my trolley laptop bag, we waited for invoice by dispatch however I was getting cold as it was cold and drizzling, I then ran to the car and they brought the Invoice to us.
Thereafter we got into the car and drove off. Upon arrival at home about 5 minutes since we had left CTM as we don’t stay far from there. I discovered that my bag had been taken.
The bag which was in the middle sit of the car. We immediately drove back to CTM to establish how the bag was removed from the car as there was no forced entry.
When we arrived there, we spoked to the staff at dispatch and they informed they didn’t see anything, and we requested to see the CCTV footage for the time we were there so we can see who opened our car and took the bag. We were taken to the Manager’s office Puseletso. It was shocking that dispatch stuff who were also packing other cars and the did not see anything and worse the Manager did not have the password to camera. It is also concerning that a junior staff member had the password and the said manager was not aware of it, as she asked her in front of us. (I quote in her own words “where did you get the password and how long has these camera’s not being working?”) I understand she is a new manager, but the cameras are in her office which clearly means that is not much of her concern.
This is a huge concern as it means that people who do not have authority are able to access such information and possibly delete recordings without anyone having knowledge of same.
It is now alleged that the cable to the camera was lose, when was this noticed? When was it reported? What interim safety measures were put in place to ensure the safety of your customers while this camera was subsequently “not working” due to a lose cable? Worse both dispatch cameras was not working at the same time at a most crucial area were stock is dispatch so proves its no concern wat goes out?
Surely a security check is conducted at least daily.
I hold the view that no one would have seen anything as this was an inside job.
Now I’m liable for laptop which is a company property and I work for a financial institute which obviously the information in there is confidential and my wallet which had everything I mean license, bank cards, ID and many more. I had a lot of stuff personal stuff.
While it has become apparent that your branch is not willing to take any form of responsibility for what transpired. I thought it prudent that I bring to your attention what is happening at this branch so that you are aware how your own staff members are putting clients at risk and hide behind disclaimers.
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