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Tawanda Timothy Murandu
I was approved an account last year November and on that account they were suppose to give me 4 Plate stove and a television but they only delivered stove only. Upto date I haven't received the TV. I was being assisted by the manager at Bradlows Festival Mall Branch. I asked him to cancel the account but insisted he will help me. I'm sure the Stove is fully paid now and but deduction from my account going on. Last month(August 2020) when I visisted the store, they told me Thabiso is not there any more and I ask them to assist me and they took the case with Area Manager. They ask me to do affidavit expecting them to solve the issue but still not assisted. Its a month plus days already but they haven't help me.

Should I stop the debt order from my bank account because I'm paying something which I don't have?
COMPLAINT #6358 - Delivery Issues
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