Wrong bed not like the one on display - Consumer Complaint for Bradlows - Head Office

Tshepo Khalaki
I bought a bed cash at Protea Glen Mall and have since called them to notify them that the bed that they delivered is not the same as the one I bought. The base sounds like it has been used before and I was told the matter will take three weeks. I paid cash for proper bed and when my money cleared it did not take three weeks. I am absolutely dissatisfied and want to even ask for a refund, when all I wanted was for the correct bed to be delivered and this old thing taken back to wherever it came from. You can log a complaint with any company in the world and get a reference the very day if not 24 hours. I do not have a single reference till today. The bed was bought last week on Sunday and I even asked what will happen if something happens to the bed with all these delays. I was then told I will be contacted either with bad news or good news. This is totally uncalled for as I never even asked for credit. I used my hard earned cash to get what I got from you guys. Can someone please do something about this. My number is 074 387 1696 and my email address is tshepo***@gmail.com. I will attach the picture of the bed, please compare it with the original and tell me if I am hallucinating.
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