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Yumna Zubi
I have been a loyal customer of vodacom for the past 15 years however my recent experience over the past year with the fibre department at vodacom has really been exceptionally disappointing. When signing 2 new fibre contracts with them, the efficiency was superb however the service delivery thereafter has been appauling. I waited for over 2 months to get fibre installed and activated at my home and over 2 months to get activated at my business.
I relocated my business where i run a psychology practice and suicide line for patients all using VOIP which meant fibre was urgenly needed. I urgently requested this on 12th of February and was assured the matter would be escalated and they would attempt to install and have my fibre up and running by 12 March latest. It is now the 2nd of April, after numerous calls, emails and conversations nothing has been done. I was told i still need continue with my 24 month contract despite not having any fibre and paying for a service that is not being rendered. Everyday i call and am told that the matter has been escalated. IN the mean time i have had to not only pay vodacom for a service i am not receiving but had to pay another provider to ensure we have VOIP for patients.

Yumna Zubi

Clinical Psychologist

011 234 0741 / 071 682 7107


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