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Consumer Complaints ( 3 )

Neville Ewing
I cancelled my individual contract with DSTV two months ago. Last month they debited my bank account which I had reversed. This month they have doubled the amount to R1 781,24. Because the amounts vary from month to month, Nedbank cannot cancel the debit order automatically. Such debit orders can only be cancelled by the originator - i.e. Multichoice/DSTV.
COMPLAINT #2178 - Billing or Collection Issues
Evelyn Pelser
End August 2019 I phoned multi Choice to upgrade my account. They could not, but said someone from Priselock will phone me back. Till date no one phoned me. I even phoned then afterwards - with no success.

On 15 September 2019 to my shock the upgraded amount was deducted from my bank account, but I did not received more channels. Also No one phoned me till date, thus I did not give permission.

Please pay me my money back. I am also no longer interested in upgrading because of the poor service.
COMPLAINT #2130 - Billing or Collection Issues
Ricco Friedrich
‪What’s going on - is DSTv snoep. For both the Vuelta and the World Cup XC we don’t get the commentary, just video. What a joke! The only reason I am still a dstv subscriber is for the sport. If they don’t fix this, I’m definitely cancelling my subscription.‬
COMPLAINT #2071 - Customer Service Issues