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How can I pay and not have my tv reconnected. You seriously need me to walk to your offices in this era?! Total bullshit. I need my money back so I can use service providers that deliver instead of this bull shit
COMPLAINT #7580 - Billing or Collection Issues
Wanirwoth Patricia
I paid for gotv the shs.28000 bonquet and i saw that the balance is shs.18000 but only local channels were showing.then i topup another shs.18000 thinking other channels would come but nothing came.. Why is it so? And after dialing *206# thy i said my account was suspended. How come yet i have even paid extra money? 4623080688 is our icu
COMPLAINT #7544 - Other Issues
Nalukwago Sylvia
My decoder is just rebooting and stopping at 20%. It has been loading all day. It's not showing any pictures. Showing the word code at the corner. I really need help. I can't find a technician because am in a deep village. Thank you so much. Am in uganda, located in sheema district Bugongi town council. I
Repair Issues Photo

Reply by Alan K on 8 October, 2020
Hello, My name is Alan, I paid my monthly subscription of 40k on Tuesday night using airtel money and I was reinstated briefly but taken off air afterwards till now. My ICU no. is 7031567747.My GOTV contact guys no. is off aswell, so I havent gotten any assistance.[the one that sold me the decorder]. Pls help.
Reply by Wegginga Paul on 17 October, 2020
Subscribed last night but not activated till now. IUCU 7017759131
COMPLAINT #7068 - Repair Issues
I'm shillah in kawempe
I paid for my decoder today morning using less pal and they haven't brought any channels so far
Reply by Odite Solomon on 6 October, 2020
Helo Gotv, am Solomon Odite,l paid my Gotv number (7031527725) but am not receiving the channels. This is to request that you effect the activation.thanks
Reply by Mariam nabasumba on 11 October, 2020
I bought my go tv on Saturday but it's refusing to work
COMPLAINT #7014 - Other Issues
Ampuriire Asenath
I only can access UBC
And yet I have just bought this recorder
After being told
That the first month is for all channels
Am in nakawa
Gotv no 7528470977

I want to register for mygotv app
COMPLAINT #6423 - Other Issues
Tumukunde Ivan
Hello Gotv ug, I'm ivan from kampala.My gotv has failed to display my favourite channel-National geographic wild. I have done all the scanning but invain. My decorder number is 2028565783 in the name Ivan.
Kindly help me,
Thank you.
Reply by AINEPLAN GERALD on 4 October, 2020
Hello go tv I have subscribed 12100 but am not connected my iuc is 7017716221
Reply by Labu brian on 5 October, 2020
Hello gotv Uganda,I am Brian from kakiri Kampala my favourite channel telemundo has failed to display
Reply by Nabunya aisha on 8 October, 2020
Hi am nabunya Aisha and I paid 11000 but am not yet connected my iuc is 4622966610 please connect me back
Reply by munyiramosespilato on 8 October, 2020
Ihave paid using mobile money but no channel display my number is 7026637417
COMPLAINT #6118 - Product Issues
Can you imagine paying subscription on 8/8/2020 but up todate am not yet connected and the customer care lines are off. Please dont put people in this fake customer care of yours.RECONNECT 7035286359
Reply by Anna on 28 August, 2020
Hi I upgraded to the Gotv max package of 39000 and up to now am still disconnected. I have tried sending reset to 6488 as well as the Ussd code but nothing.please help
ICU number is 2014326542
Reply by NAKALEMA ESTHER on 3 September, 2020
Hell i paid yesterday but you never connected me back my ucu number is 2020805065 in the names of NAKALEMA ESTHER.
Reply by Iyaleng Elton john on 14 September, 2020
I paid yesterday but upto now i am not connected, please reconnect IUC 7023672744
Reply by Uzail Nemeye on 3 October, 2020
I want to pay for my gotv but the money isn't going on and please let as have your Airtel number thank
Reply by Diana on 4 October, 2020
I paid yesterday,but I'm off air my account is 7036835521.

Signal suddenly went off as I was watching

Please fix it remotely
Reply by Wanyana getruda on 6 October, 2020
I paid my gotv but I paid repeatedly not knowing I paid 45000 but am not even watching cause tv have failed to open please I help and to my other money back my code 7023864699
COMPLAINT #5242 - Customer Service Issues
I paid yesterday the subscription of my decoder no 4623274408 using Airtel money by 0702040683 upto now am off air. You either reconnect me or refund my money I buy food, it's now the third time every time I pay I call costomer care for you to reconnect me why now the costomer care plays repeated messages yet I pay for those calls
Reply by Lukungu isimail on 4 July, 2020
Please customer care I had 9,000sh and I topped up to make 18000 so that I can pay for my package but up to now am off air so please help me because I don't have customer care number
Reply by Kiyemba yasin on 27 July, 2020
I paid yesterday the subscription of my decorder 7028729052 in the names of kiyemna yasin but u didn't connect mi back i used airtel money number 0750931774
Reply by Nagib Kivumbi on 7 August, 2020
My account number is 4623216427 under Nagib Kivumbi and cont number is 0782700500/0750440006 I paid yesterday but it has refused to activate what should I do.
Reply by Alinda Faith on 8 August, 2020
I topped up my package on 4623082563 yesterday using airtel money but until now I haven't been reconnected yet what could be the problem? Kindly get back to me about this
Reply by Kutosi eric on 28 August, 2020
I am agent, I have for customer his Gotv a/c no. 7026459719 but shez saying shez off air. Paid using my MTN no.0784901409
Reply by Stacey Wambui on 4 September, 2020
I paid yesterday IUC 7020927360,I used airtel money number 0753875949,please reconnect me back
Reply by Harmony Fahad on 7 September, 2020
I think if you could pay me back th money i bought this gotv it would be called me today to pay for gotv max..i have paid but am disconnected.. Your customer care lines we have to use our credit..its like we are begging fo life...eeessh..
My iuc/7036823865
Number 0708718582
Reply by OUMO WILLIAM on 1 October, 2020
I called customer service and they cut my airtime on both lines MTN and Airtel and in the end not helped, my problem is most of the channels are not showing only 7showing iuc:7525526063
Reply by Nabasumba Gertrude on 16 October, 2020
7023856794 is my account number. In the names of Nabasumba Gertrude.

I don't have Bukedde 2 & BBS. What's the problem?
Reply by Ainembabazi jovulate on 19 October, 2020
I have taken some months without using my decoder ,when I tried recharging it ,it couldn't search channels. What could be the problem!?
COMPLAINT #3006 - Service Issues