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Julius ceasar
My expecting amount to received is 4,140.

I was received only 4,015..

Why? I paid my charge in qatar. So that i received same full amount 4,140ph.

Its like i pay again another charge here in Phil

Please i need your explanation about this.because other remittance center is not like this.

I ask the teller to cancel my transaction ,and i will try other remittance but she cannot cancel because it on processing after he enter my control number
Please fix this issue.
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COMPLAINT #2278 - Billing or Collection Issues
Devie Jane Ringia
I am a regular customer in ML ever since but this branch is so unsatisfying.This happens on 11/08/19 12:56pm This branch in lahug or ML Lahug 1(gorordo ave., lahug cebu city) has the worst customer service ever. it was not just once but many times and I let it pass but today is exceptional. I went to get money with my Phil health ID (since I didn't know it was a secondary for ML). I originally used my passport for transactions but it expired last 2 days ago so I then used my Phil health. the girl with the red uniform asked me if i have another ID such as NBI clearance but the guy WITH GRAY UNIFORM then YELL at me saying HE TOLD ME LAST WEEK TO BRING NBI CLEARANCE WITH ME!!!? he continued yelling and accusing me instead of calmly advise me to bring a primary ID. this is so unacceptable. is this how describe customer service? IS THIS HOW YOU TRAIN PEOPLE? if then, I will never use ML again. I am hoping for a response to this.thank you.
COMPLAINT #2016 - Service Issues
Rachel Ruth Deatras
Masungit yung isang staff they don't even greet their customers tapos magsusungit pa. Whats very disappointing pa is nung nareceive ko na yung pera ko kse pinatong lng at tumalikod na. Tama ba yun?kakaiba! Sa inis ko ako nlng ng thank you sa kanya kahit ang bastos ng ugali nya. Kung pwede lng sa ibang remittance center gawin yung transaction mas pipiliin ko sa iba nlang kesa ma experience KO ulit ang kabastusan ng staff na ito.
COMPLAINT #1727 - Customer Service Issues
Everytime na pumupunta ako for money remittance laging offline kundi offline walang pera. 7x ako pumunta ganon narinig ko guard. Well kung ganon lang din magsara na kayo
COMPLAINT #1707 - Other Issues