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Rodora Evangelista
Hi, purehold makati is imposing a management policy that prohibits pregnant women, 21 and below people to access their necessities. Then how come seniors are allowed if we are protecting who were immunicompromised people. We are already in a GCQ status, i was able to go to other grocery stores like snr, landers, savemore, robinsons supermarket and waltermart but how come only puregold makati stopped me to access and buy my needs just because i am pregnant?! EO's and city ordinance and even IATF guideline never stated tthat a pregnant women should not be allowed to access grocery stores! I know that this is a private establishment but should it be aligned to city ordinance, eo's and covid 19 guidelines? why should a pregnant women denied access to her necessities? You better make your policies logical and aligned to what the law and guidelines are imposing! I am also coordinating with our city because this is not what is expected especially that the city provide them business permit to operate yet there are lapses on the services that must be provided to consumers!
COMPLAINT #12441 - Other Issues
Patrick Bernardino
irereklamo ko lang po sana ang isang cashier sa puregold aurora blvd.
cashier 158 Remilyn ang walang modong kahera.. sukli ko is 41.84 tapos sinuklian nya ako ng 41 pesos lang.. tinanong ko sya sabi ko bat 41? hndi sya sumagot nakita ko nman na may mga .25 cents sya sa kaha nya.. hndi man lang sya nag sorry or kung ano man.. tapos nung sinabe kong eto 25cents tapos pahingi nlang ako piso.. hndi nya ako pinansin nagpatawag lang sya manager para magpabukas ng kaha..
napakawalang modo lang ng kahera nyo.. ni hndi man lang sya nagsasalita ng kung ano saka ni sorry wala man lang ako nadinig sknya.. padabog nya pang nilapag ang piso..
oo maliit lang na halaga yun pero sana magsukli man lang sila ng maayos..at sana in a nice way silang mkitungo sa mga customer nila..
ang bastos lang
sana mabigyan sya ng disiplina yun lang nman po salamat ng marami..
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COMPLAINT #12382 - Other Issues
Alex Pagulayan
Hi we went to Puregold Bonifacio in Caloocan and bought one pack of pancit canton when we went home we just noticed the rate bite on the product
COMPLAINT #12335 - Product Issues
Maria Concepcion Saberon
The cashier named Aira Luis Tabodlong was making a rumours against me that i am ill minded person. Please do some invistigation for this matter. Is it right to have a employee with a bad manners and wrong conduct. Hoping for your immediate action.

Respectfully yours,
Maria Concepcion Saberon
Reply by Maria Concepcion Saberon on 5 March, 2021
Good day!
I just follow up my complaint against Aira Tabudlong. Just checking if there is any update with the invistigation?
Thank you for your immediate response.

COMPLAINT #12331 - Customer Service Issues
Marites Maravilla
Hi mam/sir ,Good pm po .Ask kulang po kung allowed po ba magtinda ng pagkain ang isang may katungkulan sa isang malaking company's na tulad Ng puregold store? Di po ba nakkaabala sa kanya na magtinda habang SYA naka duty?
COMPLAINT #12245 - Other Issues
jennifer lomocso
hi i would like to file a complain with the delivery charges in puregold tagapo santa rosa laguna..you know most of your customers owns sari sari store.everyr 20kls of order u charged for 175 pesos im a mom of three and im relying to delivery services at this time of pandemic specially for my sari sari store..everytime i shop my minimum charge for delivery fee is 350.00..today i processed an order amounting to 7300 pesos and the delivery charge they are charging me is 475.00?? which is too much all of my profit goes to the delivery charge.it was supposed to be the more items u shop the more benefits we will be getting and reducing the delivery fee is a big help! im not asking it to be free but its too much!can anyone please do something about this ive been a customer for so long i dont want to switch..if only you can do something about this.im looking forward for a reply.
COMPLAINT #12157 - Delivery Issues
I filed a complaint at Puregold - Blumentritt Branch until now there's no update. And this matter is not only for me but all of your consumers. How can you assure me/us to buy and trust you again at your market? I leaved my work early for this. Waited for about 40mins when the manager talked and approached me (I'm about to leave that time coz she's wasting my time and literally pissed off but still manage to talked to her calmly). I demand a compensation for the inconvenience it costs me. But the manager only told me that she can only give me the item that I bought (which of course not expired). That's it. There's nothing she can do about it. Is that your SOP? She doesn't give any options to satisfy me with all of this inconvenience? Now its been a week already but I haven't received any. I will escalate this on DTI and post it on social media instead if action not taken accordingly.
COMPLAINT #11754 - Product Issues
Noli Aquino
Hi! I would just love to complain this fucking cashier named Love Joy in Puregold panorama marikina. I purchase few goods for my baby then when I tried to pay their card terminal is doing good then she rudely asked me ' Sir may balance pa ba card mo'?' I don't know if this u give her a proper training on how to handle a customer coz it looks like she did not know the ' proper customer service' Also fuck you all for hiring such a rude cashier! Fuck you!
COMPLAINT #11432 - Service Issues
Marites Beltran
The in charge person want me to tell my bank to reverse my payment and they will swipe again because it does not appear on their batch print “daw” its been almost an hour now. . I called my bank and they told me that it was already debited. I have my 1 yr old baby and 7 yrs old waiting at the car this really pissed me off. You should train you staff what to do during this time. And you should not using defective terminals at your branches this really cause delays and inconvenience to you costumers- puregold ligaya branch
COMPLAINT #11312 - Billing or Collection Issues
Adeline Hernandez
Cashier Name : C : 120 Jennelyn
Date : Jan 26, 2021
Time : 10:56

We went to puregold Tagaytay Olivarez, to bought goods and milk for my baby. There are open counters so we went to this "attitude" cashier.

She puts everything in a small size paper bag, like wtf
COMPLAINT #11311 - Customer Service Issues
Erwin A. Rosales
Hi! I bought an 25 ml Johnson and Johnson Baby oil for P117.00 when it supposedly with prevailing price (google) between P30 to P50 at Puregold Kalayaan Quezon City. I've noticed the price when we got home and I try to contact the number indicated in the official receipt but it could not reachable. Attached are the picture of the said product and the official receipt.

COMPLAINT #11286 - Other Issues
Edelyn Tiongco
Location: Puregold Jr. Malinta
Complaint to: Cashier 124 Sofia and Bagger 1

Complaint: Paying using Gcredit

I always went to this Puregold Jr to buy our groceries as it is the nearest one in our house and always use my gcredit to pay. Today this sarcastic cashier deliberately told me righr away as the gcredit has issue even though the woman in front me uses the same method of paying and no issues encountered at all. I did pay using my debit card since she deliberately refused to process the payment unless I pay either with cash or with ny credit card, she did not eveb swipe my perks card when I handed it to her. The worst her bagger whose eyes like drug addict as it is reddish told me they have issue even though he have seen the customer before me was able to pay.

There is proper way to tell the customer if the mode of payment will not work as she cab try it first before telling the customer anyway the hassle will be on my end not hers.

I want the bitchy attitude of that cashier to be reprimanded so she would learn her lesson.
COMPLAINT #10980 - Customer Service Issues
Saira aiza catayas

Ask ko lang talaga bang required ang valid id pag nag bayad ng worth 500 pesos using my credit card? Bumili kase ako sa puregold maypajo worth 500 pesos something e wla ako dala id kase small amount lng nmn ung na purchase ko..din may id ako scan sa cp ko pinakita ko.. Hala di parin pumayag.. Ang ngyari umuwe pa ako sa bahay para kumuha ng id. Ang hussle grabe. Ung credit card ko bdo visa na dpat po dba tap na tayo using credit card to a avoid contact.
COMPLAINT #10594 - Other Issues
Anna Fe Baja
We order a kitchen cabinet last Dec. 26 amounting to 4556.00 sa Puregold Calicanto Batangas City. Sabi nila, they offer delivery service pero may charge. So go kami since mahirap ikarga sa tricycle ang item. Kasi kami pa nagaassemble e walang lalaki sa bahay namin. Kaya mas prefer ang assemble ng dadating sa amin. So eto na, sabi nila 3 days kaya na madeliver pero ang assurance e up to 7 days. So nagwait kami until kahapon e nagpunta na kami sa customer service kasi ni ha ni ho, updates e wala kung madideliver pa ba. Pinatawag ng cS ung diser tas sabi samin, sira daw ang truck, the next thing na sinabi nya e tinanggal daw sa custody nila ang truck. So possibly ay isasabay sa wholesale ang cabinet namin until mafull load ang truck. So napaisip kami, kung aantayin na mafull load ang truck, possible na next week pa gang sa mpuno ang truck. Napakabulok na sistema. Maayos kaming nakipagusap sa knila nung nagpurchase kami. Tas kanina, tumawag ung diser, sinasabi na sa tricycle ikakarga ang item. Pasalamat ba ako ksi ginawan nya ng paraan to think na disassemble ung cabinet pagdating sa amin. Syempre, kaya ng akami pumayag na ideliver na lang kahit matagal e oara buo ng dadating samin. Tas ngayon, posibleng magbayad pa kami para sa mgbubuo non. Hays! Pakiayos naman. Sana kung sa tricycle din laang, dapat di na namin pinatagal ano?. From the end ng customer service, waalng nakipagusap samin. Diser laang. Anong company meron kayo?
COMPLAINT #10561 - Delivery Issues
Cindy Ann Silva
We were in line at the puregold fairview terraces and when we were already near the entrance, there were 2 options for contact tracing, one yo fill up a form or to scan a qr code. We scanned the qr code for contact tracing but Ani M.F. guard at the said supermarket said we need to wait for the two persons in front of us to finish filling up the form. That doesnt add up since the purpose of qr code is to avoid any contact or to easily pass through and not to wait for those manually filling up the form. This guard is also rude and we insist that we wait.
COMPLAINT #10512 - Other Issues
Commonwealth Avenue Cor. Luzon Matandang Balara NCR, Second District Quezon City
Cashier: 222 Rohanisa
Complaint: Attitude and Behavior

I would not want to stress my day with this very annoying lady so I made a decision to just write a complaint to straighten this out.

C:222 Rohanisa. She complains about everything with her boss and even with her break time in front of a customer? Is that even right? She even answered rudely to the customer before me.

When it’s my turn (note: my first time to shop in this branch), She don’t even bother to say any greetings!!! She keeps on talking with bagger Fernan as if there were no customers around. “Pacute” I may say. She still keeps on complaining saying “ ikaw kaya di mag break gutom na gutom ka na, yung tao hindi mawawala yan”. What does she wants? I want to tell her to stop but I am not in the mood to be mad, its almost new year and I want a pleasant day ahead.

Bad service - a really irritating attitude. She even didn’t bother to tell me that there is a promo at the bottom of the receipt. What a very nice thing to forget, right?

I don't want anything in return. I just want the business to prosper without this rude employees. They are damaging your reputation.

There is one thing I would request, please let your employees know (esp. Rohanisa) on how to face and behave in front of the customers.

I would really like her to be reprimanded with her actions, that is all I ask. Hope you’ll update me with this. Thanks.
COMPLAINT #10428 - Service Issues
Roald and Chona Moy
We bought a non stick wok last Sunday December 27. Today after one use, the Teflon are cracking. We want to either get refunded the 500.00 we paid for the pan, or get it changed to a non Teflon cookware.
COMPLAINT #10401 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Sarah Umandap

I hope you read this. I am very frustrated as to how I was assisted with the cashier yesterday, 12/23/2020 09:52:39. Her name is Shiela C: 71 in Puregold, Tuktukan, Taguig.

Me and my husband went there early just to avoid christmas rush. Sa pila palang we waited for an hour, but that was not an issue for us. So nasa cashier na kami, from the green basket, we transferred the items sa lapag para i-punch ni cashier kasi tapos na ung nasa unahan namin. Hindi ko alam kung distracted siya or what pero naisama niya i-punch ung items ko dun sa lalake na nauna sakin. The bagger which is very nice to us, narealize niya na ung pina-punch ni cashier is sakin na which is nilalagay niya din dun sa plastic nung lalake na nauna sakin. At first, chinicheck ko ung wallet ko to get the money kaya hindi ko narealize na ung nasa unahan na lalake pala is waiting for his receipt pa pero paid na.

So here it goes, the bagger informed Shiela that the items that he was picking was for me and not for the gentleman which I was following. Shiela then realize na mali na, so pinandilatan niya ko ng mata and parang ung mata niya sinasabihan ako na bakit hindi mo sinabi sakin na hindi pala sa lalake na nauna ung items na pinu-punch niya which is di ko napansin kasi kumukuha ako ng pera sa bag, so tinawag niya si supervisor to void the items (maybe 5 items na). She was very rude na binabagsak niya ung mga items including glass bottles ko after niya ipunch at para malagay ni bagger sa plastic.

Tahimik lang ako na nakatingin kasi iniintindi ko na baka pagod na si cashier knowing na past 9am palang ng umaga. Kami din naman ang haba ng pila, galing din ako sa work which is graveyard shift ako as a frontliner and mas pinili ko na maging mahinahon nalang din kasi public.

After niya ipunch lahat na dinadabog niya lang ang items ko, I gave her the money and kinuha ko din ung puregold card for the points pero hindi niya kinuha, so I asked her, “hindi na ba pwede iswipe to?” and never siya umimik and umiling nalang siya, and kumuha na siya ng panukli sa binayad ko. So sayang lang ang points dahil hindi niya swinipe dahil galit siya. Pagod ako so umiling nalang din ako sa bagger to express my disappointment.

Sobrang lungkot ko sa nangyari and sabi ni bagger sakin, “pasensya na po ma’am”, which he didn’t have to kasi wala siya kasalanan.

The reason why hindi ako pumunta sa customer service dahil my frozen goods and ice cream ako na need ko maiuwi agad, plus may pila din.

Now, to be honest, ayaw ko na mag grocery sa Puregold-Tuktukan because of that incident. I was very very frustrated. I know I don’t have any value for you, but please be the service that you promised to be and atleast advise your cashiers to be kind to all people. I don’t even know kung kasalan ko ba na nilapag ko na ung mga items para ipunch niya. Ang haba ng pila hinintay ko and that attitude is not acceptable in every way.

I hope you ask Shiela what I have done wrong to deserve that treatment from her as if I am a thief.

Thank you and Merry Christmas.
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COMPLAINT #10306 - Customer Service Issues
Glaiza Ilmeng
This was just happened today, 5 minutes ago. As you are aware, there's no parking in your receiving area. So, when it's our turn to drop off those items, it's okay even though we need to unload the items from afar. Now, the problem is after the delivery since we have returned items due to PO not found, since it's our first time, we are not aware that there's apprehension. We load the returned items (3 boxes, 1 unboxed plus 1 boxed BO in less than 1 minute since there's a boy who helped us. So, here come's the enforcer and it's okay for us. Then the manager of your store approached us in the car telling me to lower the window which I did but yelled to us saying "dinadamay nyo delivery ko and pasaway kayo". Is it right that we are to be blame? Luckily, guard approached us & asking if we are apprehended and even mentioned that the manager should not yell on us.
COMPLAINT #10264 - Delivery Issues
Jhon Kevin
May dalawa akong items kaya pumila ako sa express lane kaso wala akong cash so card yung ipapambayad ko...ayaw niyang kunin yung items ko kc card yung ipapambayad ko. Pandemic card is the best option. At dalawang items lng binili ko.gusto pa niya akong papilahin ulit. I was really disappointed. Tinanong ko siya d ba pedi...ayaw niya talaga.
Tapos may supervisor ata na nasa gilid lng at nakita niyang yung situation d man lng tumulong.

Baclaran Paranque Quirino Branch.
COMPLAINT #10217 - Service Issues