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Osam Gifty Susuana
They are truly scammers. They changed their names to Alpha Global consult limited and now they use the name patronage consult limited...beware. They use Stallion oil and engineering limited. Never pay anything to them.
Ghana Global Consult/ Alpha Global consult and Patronage consult limited are all...Read All
They are fraudulent it doesn't exist don't waste your time filling and scanning anything. They will eventually ask for money...Read All
COMPLAINT #2091 - Other Issues
Amathuba Gold
I am also the victim I invested with this company for more than 5 years.when I was supposed to get my money they were no where to be found. ...Read All
Joy Nkuna
I am writing to you with a heavy heart with the terrible customer service I just experienced at Clicks Mall of the South. I had recently purchased a grooming device at Clicks Mfula; however when I arrived home with an eager to use the device to my disappointment the device didn't not work. I tested ...Read All
COMPLAINT #2088 - Customer Service Issues
Vees Gadgets
Bought a R20000 item, plus R250 delivery fee. A month ago. Product never delivered, for some lame excuse, that it was sold to someone else, they offered a more expensive item, discouraged me on a refund. Trying to get me to give them more money for a other item. Thay failed to refund me, drop my cal...Read All
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COMPLAINT #2087 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Lazarous Zulu
Your voice prompts do no work at all. The automated telephone system does not respond. The system even asks “are you still there”? Yet it does not respond...Read All
COMPLAINT #2086 - Other Issues
Noleen Andrews
I contacted the driving school Honeybee Driving School via telecom on Friday 23rd August 2019 at 10h48. I found them on a website on google. They have branches in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg and there is only one contact number 072 493 4906 and an email address honeybeedr***

I s...Read All
COMPLAINT #2085 - Other Issues
Rex Makata
It is disheartening that Enugu urban citizens end up buying their domestic water from water vendors due to persistent water scarcity despite the levy they pay to ENUGU WATER COOPERATION. The directors don't care, and no body talks. Who ever that's in charge should resign and hand over to a more cap...Read All
COMPLAINT #2084 - Delivery Issues
We at SAIDI have received so many negative reports about HoneyBee Driving school which is linked with DriveCo. See our website for actual emails received. Please be warned!
They claim ongoing diseased relatives as the main reason for not pitching up for ...Read All
COMPLAINT #2083 - Other Issues
Farah Viviers
I have had a very bad experience with this institution. When I discovered that the items are faulty they have no customer service at all. They don’t want to assist you and are blatant because you have already paid and so you can just go fly a kite. They have your monies so they don’t give a hoo...Read All
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COMPLAINT #2082 - Refund / Exchange Issues
I assigned Jingwei international logistics Co., LTD with a shipment from China to Switzerland. I ordered a insurance as well for this shipment.
Shipment arrived completely broken. Company does not want to give insurance papers. They charge money but no insurance. Now they disappeared. Watch out - ...Read All
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COMPLAINT #2080 - Delivery Issues
John Jacques Hasenberg
Winfxtrade UK
Winfxtrade "account manager" Mr Mark Rodney did not inform me of the additional $1000 that I am "supposed" to invest in order to get my "Profits" after I told him I want to cancel the investment.

I have sent countless emails to their "support desk" and they've been ignoring me and not replying to...Read All
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COMPLAINT #2077 - Other Issues
Lebogang Livingstone
I bought a bedroom suite on the 7th of August at Bradlows Tzaneen and was supposed to get the cash back, which I am still waiting for. Maggy the sales lady when I call her refers my queries to Norman the manager but they never come back to me. Its September now and still waiting....Read All
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COMPLAINT #2075 - Customer Service Issues
Joseph Atuahene
I won a bet of GHANA CEDIS 1372 but any time I try to withdrawal the money, the process fail. ...Read All
Sarah Jones
IBC Studio
This company claims to be the best studio in the Middle East, yet somehow, they have no money to pay for their voiceover talents, although they have been paid by clients already!!!!
The owner is a professional manipulative liar, and has been doing this to a lot of people!
They need to be shut dow...Read All
COMPLAINT #2073 - Billing or Collection Issues
Good day mam/sir

I am a hbc customers, last july , 2019 i have a promo package for hair coloring so i have to avail that package since they dont have water to rinse, i consider it to take home without rinse may hair with hair color that time but since i consider i hope they have to assisst to h...Read All
COMPLAINT #2072 - Customer Service Issues
Ricco Friedrich
‪What’s going on - is DSTv snoep. For both the Vuelta and the World Cup XC we don’t get the commentary, just video. What a joke! The only reason I am still a dstv subscriber is for the sport. If they don’t fix this, I’m definitely cancelling my subscription.‬...Read All
COMPLAINT #2071 - Customer Service Issues
After I contracted them for a 10 am job, they didn’t arrive on time & when I followed up, the tech was sent to another client & I was told they will come at 12. By 1230, still a no show so I did another follow up. They said tech was buying a part. By 2 pm, I decided to cancel since I don’t think...Read All
COMPLAINT #2069 - Customer Service Issues
Mamello Jafta
It’s been 2months if not 3 trying to sell my stuff to Cash Converters in Northgate.I went there for the 1st time they took my details and said they would call.A month later I still hadn’t received a call I went to enquirer I came across a guy who was very rude told me to wait my turn they will c...Read All
COMPLAINT #2068 - Customer Service Issues
Tim Fagan
Have payed thousands of dollars on supporting a student taking mid wife classes,today that student was advised to take finals and receive diploma it would be another $6,800.00. Graduation was to be this October. Earlier that student was notified that until the school received $2,000.00 more they cou...Read All
COMPLAINT #2067 - Billing or Collection Issues