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Lindiwe mmeta
I was admitted on Friday the 31st of August for a laparatomy, 1. I don't remember having my HB checked prior to the operation, nonetheless, the procedure went well. When I came back from the operation(around 11:30), I complained of being cold and was in a lot of pain. A blanket was only brought to m...Read All
COMPLAINT #1585 - Service Issues
Trevor Nadar
I was at your store to buy supplies for ours as we are renovating. I found a kitchen tap and when I returned today, the sales person told me it is out of stock.
Our factory Manager who was with me, went to the manager without me knowing and asked if he would sell the one on display.
I accepted th...Read All
COMPLAINT #1584 - Customer Service Issues
Fay Myers
Your reply unacceptable, reply stipulate my complaint but no outcome. My last paragraph in former complaint asked where does this incident leave me? Asked of someone to come out and check my windscreen? My windscreen chipped and Translux reply!!!


Your complaint against Tra...Read All
COMPLAINT #1583 - Customer Service Issues
Ithala Bank
Good day,

I have a problem with Jessie Ndlela from Ithala bank (Property), Durban.
She doesnt know how to treat her customers and she is always rude. she forgets that she gets her salary because of us.
Please put her into her place or you will end up losing customers...Read All
COMPLAINT #1582 - Other Issues
Was driving north on the M1 towards JHB Town. Translux Bus in front of me number plate ZGF032GP.
Ahead of us was an accident where there was spillage and glass on the road.
Under normal circumstances you slow down as a driver in the event of an accident.
Bus driver did not slow down therefore the...Read All
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COMPLAINT #1581 - Other Issues
Marvin Mboweni
Mikes Kitchen
Went to mikes kitchen lambton. Didn't like it one bit. White waiters only served white people where the manager is boer. I thought we went past this stage. It was not comfortable and weird. I am not going back there. I understand that yes our brothers were serving us. But if we the customers are sen...Read All
COMPLAINT #1580 - Customer Service Issues
Been sitting waiting for more than an hour for room 6 after the nurse saw only me sitting and waiting. ...Read All
COMPLAINT #1579 - Customer Service Issues
Esther Mackinnon
I went to school abt an hour ago the person in charge of school fee tells me to leave my kid karmen at home until I can pay fees he was very rude not understanding at all I explain I will send fee end of mnt he said not possible I mst keep my kid at home until I pay fees I have always paid fees upfr...Read All
COMPLAINT #1578 - Customer Service Issues
My dauhter has been at the emergency section a few times in the past 2 weeks. Every time rudeness is applied to patients and service is poor. Sick/dying people lef5 unattended and no decent communication. ...Read All
COMPLAINT #1577 - Customer Service Issues
Rowan Jacobson
My family have always used the services of Mr Sebastian Schuler to repair our antique clocks.We have 2 x antique clocks which need attention.My wife requested a repair quotation from Cornelius Lehr who is also a Antiquarian Horologist. Due to my loyal nature I insisted that we rather request Sebasia...Read All
COMPLAINT #1576 - Billing or Collection Issues
Thandekile Mpendu
We are travelling from Johannesburg to PE.The bus got stuck in Mokopane.The mechanic only arrived at 03.23 am.We have been stuck in the dark for more than 3 hours....Read All
COMPLAINT #1575 - Repair Issues
I am applauded as to how the nurse talked to be it is in my opinion not in her interest to talk about my weight and saying if she looked like me she would not look at food my weight should not be a concern to her as that was not my reason for visiting the clinic in the first place ...Read All
COMPLAINT #1574 - Customer Service Issues
Thandi Precious Mnganga
For months I have been sending emails to you collections team to update my credit profile on ITC as it still appears that i owe you for the purchase card of which it was paid of November 2017....Read All
COMPLAINT #1573 - Billing or Collection Issues
Jowie Manamela
Unhappy with the steers mokopane crossing mall, yesterday I have placed an order via telephone around 6pm I took close to 10min talking to them, firstly I talked to the lady then she gave the phone some guy after placing an order I asked for delivery they said it will take 45 min I said it's OK, the...Read All
COMPLAINT #1572 - Delivery Issues
C L Bates
My initial enquiry was addressed to the CEO in Pretoria and in turn, forwarded same to Postbank Bloemfontein. I subsequently received a letter from Karin Pike, Acting Supervisor, Account Adminstrator. I phoned her and it was agreed that I forward these booklets to her for assistance. They were couri...Read All
COMPLAINT #1571 - Service Issues
Guys a simple problem of returning sausages that l didnt like, turns out be verbally assault by your supervisor golden tooth telling people that i was stalking her.Furthermore trying to turn me into a she really supervising?Really......Read All
COMPLAINT #1570 - Customer Service Issues
rozanda francis
on Monday i made a booking for myself and my family for a table origanally for wednesday but due to personal issues i had to delay booking from wednesday to friday.
We got really great service from sipho who was our waiter for the night, but on departure when we had to pay the outstanding amount th...Read All
COMPLAINT #1569 - Customer Service Issues
I was very disappointed to go to Brakpan clinic for no help at all. First of all they couldn't find my file with my background history, the nurse refused to help me with a new file and I had an emergency situation. I was sent back and forth because of the file. I was given a referral letter for hosp...Read All
COMPLAINT #1568 - Service Issues
Haydee Prim
I am a Machachos lover (Ormonde) the best. Today I decided to order from Melville. I have an horrific story to tell. First they did not have strips, then I arrive from SABC Auckland Park to collect my order it looks like the dogs breakfast, then they make me a new burger, when I arrive at the off...Read All
COMPLAINT #1567 - Customer Service Issues
So if you ask for a delivery is this what u get? Hai I’m done with steers or what do they take people for not even my child will eat that I could rather buy a lunch meal at chicken liken or even a street wise two than this nonsense ...Read All
COMPLAINT #1566 - Delivery Issues