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Benjamin Daniels
I ordered and paid for a washing machine from this site. On the delivery date I received an email from the delivery service asking for money. I was suspicious but paid it. No machine. The following day they emailed again asking for an additional amount. I phoned Trust Household and they assured me i...Read All
COMPLAINT #1515 - Delivery Issues
Mr Delivery
On Friday 26 January 2018 we ordered (#DFD2645809) from Pizza Hut New Market through Mr D. After an hour I phoned Mr D where a rude man picked up the phone pretending not to hear me. I finally got through to a woman who then assisted. She said that the restaurant is delayed because it is month end, ...Read All
COMPLAINT #1514 - Service Issues
mpho khuzwayo
it is by my disappointment that i have to come across a bad experience with the driver of number plate XDN 174 GP. the taxi was on full speed and jumping all robots as well as using the wrong lanes. as this taxi if from the taxi rank in the central of pretoria to menlyn maine. we aproched menlyn and...Read All
COMPLAINT #1513 - Customer Service Issues
Jane Noble
After almost a YEAR of phoning, e-mailing, going into your Vodacom shops and asking your “Customer Care” agents (at least 5 times!!!) I have probably used a full tank of petrol, because I was told to go to Gateway, and I live in Pinetown – then when I get there I’m told “Oh no, you don’t...Read All
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COMPLAINT #1512 - Contract Issues
Lungelo Mehlomakulu
My script is kept by Clicks Pharmacy in Hyde Park centre, I'm in London I have been trying to get hold of them because I am running out of my medication, they do not respond at all. My life depends on this medication, please assist THIS IS VERY URGENT, I have only two days medication left....Read All
COMPLAINT #1511 - Customer Service Issues
Amanda Lindiwe Tayengwa
I bought a plasma 28 " tv at ok furniture.I didn't know that the tv stand was cracked when they gave it to me.When I came back from work I saw the tv stand broken and the tv was lying on the screen and the screen was damaged.I went and told them what happened and they said they can't replace because...Read All
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COMPLAINT #1510 - Refund / Exchange Issues
I bought a car from Kia Pinetown they didn't give me a spare key with it and said I will get one in two weeks nobody followed up asking if I need assistance or offering to help me get one.Then in October I tried contacting the manager to get help she ordered a key it was to short,she ordered another...Read All
COMPLAINT #1509 - Product Issues
Charmaine van Wyk
I went to the salon on 5 January 2018 to have the stylist having a look at my hair in order to have a perm done. Once stylist was happy I decided to ask to have it done at the time as I was leaving on holiday the following Tuesday. After the procedure was done, I couldn't see a curl just badly dam...Read All
COMPLAINT #1508 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Someone tried to scam me from this company. Either they stole this company's information or someone in the company is scamming innocent people. I have bank statement and bank messages with their company name claiming they paid me for something. All fake. I cant get hold of anyone in the company to e...Read All
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COMPLAINT #1507 - Other Issues
Caeleane Clack
Good day,

Once again it takes me by no surprise that calling Vodacom with a problem resolves nothing.

You have the rudest Call Centre agents and Supervisors ever.

One of the Supervisors ‘Ashwin’ on the 0821946 number is probably the worst.
He kept talking over me and wouldn’t allo...Read All
COMPLAINT #1506 - Billing or Collection Issues
Betty Nyalungu
Body Lab
Greetings I was still at school when I meet man telling me abt losing weight he said I can come to the gym when am in town but if I don't make it within 5working days then I don't have a contract. This person on the street marketing the gym are destroying young ones lives coz we know nothing about t...Read All
COMPLAINT #1505 - Contract Issues
Erna du Randt
Sorry to say the service is pathatic dont even switch phone on to see real problem. Overheating a real timebomb but heat crack screen now its my fault. Sorry to say i am done because not one listen to you the client vodocom just see clients money and te hell with my problem . Already receive state...Read All
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COMPLAINT #1504 - Repair Issues
Lunga Vokwana
Adcorp Blu.
My claim submitted last Thursday for and on 15 December last year still has not reach National bargaining council, Incompetence I have experience in terms of payment You Guys are so dismal and You don't care, You Adcorp Blu are really useless....Read All
COMPLAINT #1501 - Service Issues
Caz Wallace
My adult son finally boarded a Translux bus in Plett destined for Cape Town today, 16 Jan 2018. The bus never arrived on time, in fact it was 2 hours late. After being very patient for far too long I decided to attempt to call TRANSLUX. I struggled but finally got through. During the 14 calls trying...Read All
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COMPLAINT #1500 - Service Issues
Theresa Tse
I have been calling your company the entire day more than 20 times every hour to try to get through each time it rings and then goes to an engaged tone, it only rings s few times then goes to that, this person is not answering but dropping the calls purposely. ...Read All
COMPLAINT #1499 - Other Issues
Wonga Ngxiya
Its been two weeks since I've been waiting for my delivery till today all I hear is lies after lies, If I do not get ALL of my furniture today I am canceling my account am really tired of running after them....Read All
COMPLAINT #1498 - Delivery Issues
Audrey Dota Makoni
I was given R50 notes in between R200 notes so my money was short by R400. I called 4 times and the phone wasn’t picked up. When they finally picked up the lady who served me realized her mistake and she kept on saying sorry my dear no problem....Read All
COMPLAINT #1497 - Service Issues
Kuben Govindan
Order was placed an hour before the delivery time was give it’s now 1 hour 15 mins late and the order is still not here
When I called in the lady tells me the orders leaving now and I’m expected to pay for the delivery
...Read All
COMPLAINT #1496 - Delivery Issues
John Lucas
Credit not passed on Vodacom Account dated Nov 2017
Shocking service. Since 16 Dec I have visited your Canal Walk offices in Cape Town, being asked to email 5 different persons at Vodacom, phoned call center countless times and emailed your CEO on 21 Dec 2017 and again today and still have had no r...Read All
COMPLAINT #1495 - Guarantee Or Warranty Issues
Nadia du Plessis
I sent my fridge in for a service, made a not about one scratch mark that was present on delivery. On delivery of the fridge after service, I noticed multiple deep scratches on the fridge. When I reported it to the owner of the company, Mr. Johannes Beckmann, he was very rude and disrespectful over ...Read All
COMPLAINT #1494 - Customer Service Issues