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I went choithram bay square around 4 o'clock because this is my break time usually after eating I was just siting there was waiting to finish my breaktime the security just come and said sorry u cannot sit here after eat even it was not busy at all all sits was free nobody was siting there except me...Read All
COMPLAINT #444 - Other Issues
Actually yesterday I buy some dates from chaina B02. This dates quality is not good . When open for the eat . I can't eat because something inside the dates. Always i buy from there. ...Read All
COMPLAINT #443 - Product Issues
Hereby I am sharing my worst experience in Mouj Al bahar ladies centre parlour in Muwailih industrial area, behind Al wadi building , I enquired about keratin treatment and I did that on 31 St may 2018 I paid 350 dhirams for this.And the two ladies in that parlour told me to buy shampoo and conditio...Read All
COMPLAINT #442 - Service Issues
Dunia Azim
After visiting the emergency department in the NMC royale branch, they claimed that there is an issue between the insurance company and NMC. This issue has been going on for more than 4 months. They couldn't accept me as a patient and asked me to visit another hospital if I wanted to be treated with...Read All
COMPLAINT #441 - Guarantee Or Warranty Issues
Although I'm on a monthly contract but they didnt lower the contract rent while they dropped the prices.
When I asked to lower they asked me to cancel the contract .
They kept apologizing on the phone promising to call back and fix but no one did.
Instead they disabled my car without any notice o...Read All
COMPLAINT #440 - Sales Issues
Salma sultana
I had been to the salon for hair colour the lady changed my hair red i wanted brown colour and also when i went fot wax she riped off my skin.i want to complaint about this unprofessional worse customer service.i had to pay for this over all....Read All
COMPLAINT #439 - Customer Service Issues
MohammedAslam at
2aed and 3aed purchasing time one baqala person no change big purchasing small purchasing there no changes telling any time...Read All
COMPLAINT #438 - Customer Service Issues
khawaja Muhammad Mansoor
I applied from them for work permit visa now 2 year they didn't give visa and from 6 months Ian asking my money they are not giving.they took money from alot people.i am afraid that they will runaway because most of time manager is outside country.they using fake accounts to catch people for work vi...Read All
COMPLAINT #437 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Melapalayam m.s
I went with my husband to hand over case in appeal civil courts. We did not hand money in first instant court and we filled the memo by our self. Meaning defence. We lost the case. We were thinking we need good lawyer in appeal and we ask Mr Hasan office how much the fees. They said 50000 full advan...Read All
COMPLAINT #436 - Other Issues
Translation is not google translate nor literal translation. I asked for a draft and what they provided was unacceptable. They refused to refund me when I told them that the translation was not what was a contextual letter. Hadi is a thief and people should not waste their money. I want my money bac...Read All
COMPLAINT #435 - Service Issues
Had given 4 shirts for a wash. Got one back with a torn collar. They did not own upto their fault, only blaming the fabric. Avoid this laundry if you want clothes back in good condition....Read All
COMPLAINT #434 - Service Issues
Raunak Vyas
I had got Visit Visa issued from Seven Sky Tourism in Feb’18 for my father and he entered UAE on 13 feb’18. On 7th april’18 i lost my father in Dubai. All the retiuals were done from Sharjah and his passport was cancelled by the Indian embassy which is in Dubai. I was informed by sharjah gover...Read All
COMPLAINT #432 - Service Issues
Muhammad Mustansar hussain khan

I want to complaint for York hotel receptionist mr irtaza . I want to introduce you that I am working in govt company in Abu Dhabi as engineer . I used to visit Dubai to have good time with family and friends .
On 19th April 2018 I made a booking via and after conformitio...Read All
COMPLAINT #431 - Service Issues
Roula Khabbaz

I purchased a cooker + oven 2 years ago from Lulu Wahda Mall in ABu Dhabi and I got problems in the oven few months after the purchase. Unfortunately I lost the receipt where I have the warranty but I called the customer service and one person came and said that "he fixed it". He didn't ch...Read All
COMPLAINT #430 - Product Issues
I go there for hair LOW LIGHTS and keratin but they have very unprofessional staff they damage my hair after 2 days when i go there and complaint about my hair burn and damage, they said our keratin and color is good your hairs are weak thats why its burn they use straightener again and without my p...Read All
COMPLAINT #429 - Service Issues
Pramod Kumar
Zara Home
Hi this is the second time I am writing , because when I wrote first no one get back to me,
Just to let you know I visited Marina mall Zara few weeks before. There I encountered one of the rude staff I have seen in my life, most probably she is Russian, not helpful at alI , if u ask she replied as ...Read All
COMPLAINT #427 - Customer Service Issues
Shakul hameed Shajeeb Basheer
Dear Sir,

I own a Ford Edge car brought from Al tayer motors 2 years back. Before coming to last service, I noticed some patch on the roof top and and eventually it lead to the peeling of the paint from that area. I went to the show room and met the sales executive (whom I dealt with when I br...Read All
COMPLAINT #426 - Service Issues
Robert Taylor
They told me they needed a 1500 AED deposit for the rental car for tickets, damage, and whatever else, they told me after 15 days they would refund the money, i cant not get a hold of them via telephone or email, no answer, no response. ...Read All
COMPLAINT #425 - Refund / Exchange Issues
My name is majid ail, i belong from Islamabad. your dialysis staff not good because many time i came in morning at 8 to 8:30 filled the form. he give me a time at 12 pm came then i came he give me next time 5 pm then your staff duty has changed and he give next time 8 to 9:30 pm, i still waiting.all...Read All
COMPLAINT #424 - Other Issues
Zavela Malcaba
The owner of the salon ask me to go out while ironing my hair because there is new customer who doesn’t like the smell of the keratin....Read All
COMPLAINT #423 - Customer Service Issues