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david groome
am a client of over 20 yrs. in February 2019 contacted Vodacom Online to see if any good data upgrades available. i was on a 24month 5gig data package at the time which as expiring. the lady who helped me told me there was a special deal on offer for 20gb data at R199. i asked her if it were an Apri...Read All
COMPLAINT #1708 - Contract Issues
Everytime na pumupunta ako for money remittance laging offline kundi offline walang pera. 7x ako pumunta ganon narinig ko guard. Well kung ganon lang din magsara na kayo...Read All
COMPLAINT #1707 - Other Issues
Laxmi Prasad Paudel
Tecom Grosvenor business tower while I went there to deliver (Office 1910) on 14 March 2019 around 13:30 The security who is on duty (Name Manoj) show me misbehavior bcoz of parking of my small scooter it was 2nd time already. And the people who is around there according to them also he (Manoj) alwa...Read All
COMPLAINT #1706 - Delivery Issues
Syed Muhammad Ghulam Jilani
I am overseas Pakistani. I booked one 120 square yards plot situated at Samama City. since 2009. Every year when I come Pakistan compulsory I visit your office at Gulshan Iqbal. I have given my mail ID and requested him if any crospounding required by email. But unfortunately nobody c...Read All
COMPLAINT #1705 - Customer Service Issues
Since March 6, 2019, LBC DELIVERY Team have received my order which was transferred by Xpost to them but up to now, March 12, 2019 there's no delivery happened nor txt message that my item will be delivered. May kasabayan po akong order n same Xpost ung delivery and transferred to LBC Lipa delivery ...Read All
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COMPLAINT #1704 - Delivery Issues
Zozo Ntlangula
The store Killernery manager and his/her incompetent managers refused to refund me nor make a sound discretion on my case which is different. Bought my sons shoes on the 14th Feb 2019 and shoes have now a big hole .Fine, I took back the shoes and I wasn't helped because I no longer have the card us...Read All
COMPLAINT #1703 - Refund / Exchange Issues
rukia lugogo
My name is Rukia Lugogo and l have been using G4S as a pickup and sending parcel all along. however, today l was highly disappointed when a random lady who was at the G4s station at Nkrumah Road NSSF Building disrespected me in the highest level ever, she was rude, unprofessional and had no ethics o...Read All
COMPLAINT #1702 - Customer Service Issues
Nancy Stewart
My claim was processed at Eastgate mall and after 2 weeks of hearing nothing i called and emailed Vodacom insurance but nothing. I call the Vodacom shop but they could tell me what's going on . I did a claim online 2 weeks ago and still nothing . ...Read All
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COMPLAINT #1701 - Repair Issues
Ruby ann
I am a subscriber of converge fiberx for 4months, march 3 -11, 2019 until now we dont have a internet connection, i already email the tech support for almost 20x they never reply even the hotline icannot contact..the service is very poor for a subscriber like me coz they never response and no advis...Read All
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COMPLAINT #1700 - Repair Issues
Gavin Samons
This is now the second time this year that I visit the drive thru of McDonalds Vanderbijlpark South Africa, to buy a sharebox meal and an extra McFeast Deluxe burger. Just to get home wanting to enjoy the meal with my wife and daughter, to find there's no McFeast Deluxe. Really disappointing, and ti...Read All
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COMPLAINT #1699 - Sales Issues
Rory Reid
I had given him the Original documents as per his request and paid him for his services. I retained him to apply for Grant of Probate. Upon conducting a probate search two years later, it had come to light to me that no application was filed at the court. I was not represented well to full capacity....Read All
COMPLAINT #1698 - Customer Service Issues
Anona Alfred
Hello, I need serious intervention.. I played a game on which was won. But the company refused to credit me stating that the match was fixed.
This is a vague, unconfirmed and unofficial claim as the match have been settled accordingly and point awarded to the winning team.

The match wa...Read All
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COMPLAINT #1697 - Service Issues
Julia Zadorina
Naf Naf
I purchased skinny pants in Naf Naf store in Tbilisi, Georgia. The next day I realized that it doesn't look good on me, the material is too thin. The quality was upsetting.
I went to the shop to return and get my money back, but I was denied the refund and was only offered a store credit....Read All
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COMPLAINT #1696 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Rohan Merryweather
We paid a large amount of money and what we paid for was never done!!
We asked for a refund and were told no!! Hưng never returns calls or emails and is very very unprofessional. ...Read All
COMPLAINT #1695 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Geepee group of companies is one of the completely unprofessional company in nigeria,

1. never pays salary to their staffs / Expatriats / workers on time, they pays once or twice in a year only for four months. after sending several mails management is deef they do not care.
2. most of staffs /...Read All
COMPLAINT #1694 - Other Issues
9japredict failed to credit my account after I won on their betting platform after 48hrs times.

They gave ultimatum of 24hrs before they could transact the mpney straight to my account....Read All
COMPLAINT #1693 - Refund / Exchange Issues
This company is cheating firm. His other name is Barman Tarabar. The main goal is to attract the client by the cheapest price. After that he is getting the initial payment and once the goods are in his hands, he is delaying the transportation. He is claiming more money and after the getting the addi...Read All
COMPLAINT #1692 - Service Issues
Shikha Patnaik
I need to send a large medical equipment from Malaysia to India and I have been following up with Florette for months. They are unresponsive and disinterested but they kept me hanging for months. They took details from me and went unresponsive again and after repeated follow ups, they told me that t...Read All
COMPLAINT #1691 - Customer Service Issues
La nariz quedó muy torcido y los senos un relajo. Me preguntó cosas inapropiadas y en un momento dijo “no pido permiso de las niñas buenas.” No me escuchó en mis dudas y no tomó responsabilidad por sus errores. Después de unos años quedo yo con los efectos de sus errores y como me arrepie...Read All
COMPLAINT #1690 - Service Issues
Mrs Spiers
Also we have been charged evey month for a contact which we cancelled over a year ago for R46 a month. This we have also been trying to sirt it out as well....Read All
COMPLAINT #1689 - Service Issues